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No description

Annabelle Mill

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Gilgamesh

a legendary king
A Short Introduction to Gilgamesh
- Gilgamesh was the 5th King of Uruk, modern day Iraq
_ He reigned sometime between 3000-2500BCE
- One of Gilgamesh's most well known achievements is "The Epic of Gilgamesh"
- Gilgamesh was thought to be a demigod or superbeing
Gilgamesh' accomplishments
- Gilgamesh was a warrior king of Uruk a city-state in Sumer

- He was extremely strong and was presumed to be a demigod

- Though thought to be a demigod he abused his "power" and was very cruel to his people

- Later built a wall around hi city to protect his people

- (As mentioned before) a piece of Cuneiform literature thousands of years old was found about him called the Epic of Gilgamesh

Importance in Ancient History
Word search!
Yay! We hope you enjoyed our presentation!
-The epic of Gilgamesh was first written on tablets such as these

- 72 different tablets

- Written in different laguages
The Epic of Gilgamesh

"The Epic of Gilgamesh" 2013, Viewed on 27 August 2013 http://learner.org/courses/worldlit/gilgamesh/read/getting-started/

What really happened in Ancient Times,
Terri Johnson, 2006
The Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times, Susan Wise Bauer, 2007

Thackara, W. T. S. 2010, Viewed on 28 August 2013 http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/sunrise/49-99-0/mi-wtst.htm

Roman & Greek gods
- Gilgamesh presented evidence of spiritual beliefs in ancient history

- Gilgamesh even appears in some other later Greek stories showing links between the two cultures of different time periods

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