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maths assignment

No description

Belinda Bentin

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of maths assignment

Acute, Obtuse and Straight
Reflex, Revolution and Right
Alternate, Co-Interior and Corresponding
Angles & Polygons Assignment
Extra Photos
Adjacent Angle
Quadrilaterals & other Polygons
By Belinda Bentin
Thanks for Watching!
Acute Angle- A angle that is 0 - 90 degrees.
Right Angle- An angle that is 90 degrees.
Obtuse Angle- An angle that is 90 - 180 degrees.
Straight Angle- An angle that is 180 degrees.
Reflex Angle- An angle that is 180- 360 degrees.
Revolution- An angle that is 360 degrees.
Vertically Opposite angles- When two lines cross, four angles are formed, and the angle opposite each other is even with the other.
Adjacent Angle- Two angles that share a common vertex and a common side, but don't overlap.
Alternate or "Z" Angles: Angles on differant sides of the transversal line, they are equal in size.
Corresponding or "F" Angles: Angles that are on the same side of the transversal line, one angle is above and one angle is below the parallel line, these angles are always the same size.
Co-Interior or "C" angles- Angles that are on the same side of the transversal line. Angles that are on the inside of the parralel line, they add up to 180 degrees.
Square- A square is a Parallelogram with all sides equal in length. All the angles are 90 degrees.
Rectangle- A rectangle is a Parallelogram, with their opposite sides equal in length. All angles are the same and equal 90 degrees.
Trapezium- A Trapezium is a Non-parallelogram with one pair of opposite sides being parallel.
Kite- A Kite is a Non-parallelogram with two adjacent sides equal in length and one pair of opposite angles equal.

Isosceles Triangle- A triangle with two equal sides.
Equilateral Triangle- A triangle with three equal sides.
Scalene Triangle- A triangle with no equal sides.
Right angled triangle- A triangle with one angle, being 90 degrees.

Other Polygons:
Hexagon- A Polygon with six straight sides and angles.
Pentagon- A Polygon with five straight sides and angles.
Octagon- A Polygon with eight straight sides and angles.
Right angled
Vertically Opposite
Isosceles triangle
Isosceles triangle
right angle
acute angle
Isosceles Triangle
Equilateral Triangle
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