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Read!!!! (tu commands)

Notes on tu commands in Spanish.

Kira Garrett

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Read!!!! (tu commands)

*When you write a command it does not always have to end with an exclamation point! Escribe. No hables. ¡Corre! ¡No comas! No duermas. ¡Habla! (hablar - ar + a = habla) correr - er + e = corre (escribir - ir + e = escribe) Comer-er=com
then conjugate for YO form
como-o+as=comas dormir=duermo
duermo-o+as=duerams hablar-ar+o=hablo
hablo-o+es=hablas Lee las notas por un bien comprender de "tu" comandos!!! NEGATIVE TÚ COMMAND FORMS OF -ER AND -IR VERBS
Drop the -o of the present tense YO form of the verb, and add -as...here's an example... *Note that the negative informal commands use the tú form of the present subjunctive. Negative commands: If the verb has an irregular YO form, you take the present indicative for the YO form, then replace the ending with -as....example.. How to do form negative tu commands using -ar verbs:
-Drop the -o of the present tense YO form of the verb, and add -es :)
real easy, but here is an example..... The affirmative commands are formed the same way as the present indicative "Usted" form. Here are some examples.
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