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Mang Inasal

No description

Jhonnelle Dela Paz

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Mang Inasal

MangInasal should have their entrance tiles be rubber because when it rainy it can cause accidents especially their ramps for PWD it has no handrails. The ambiance can be improved by having the ceiling repainted by a lighter color so that it is refreshing for the customers to see. Have a new lightings because their lanterns lessen the quality of ambiance that they have, it looks so dark and not appropriate with the walls. The cleanliness and orderliness should be strictly observed because they serve food and the way their kitchen and restroom smells is very unlikely for customers who are eating. They can atleast disinfect or spray anti bugs every day at least 1 hour before they open so there will be no cockroaches anywhere. The crew should also have proper uniforms worn when they are at work not just polo shirts. The crew should always maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the condiments and utensils table. They should also observe the cleanliness of tables and floors, especially their tables it is so oily.
MangInasal is one of the fast food chains that serve delicious and juicy chicken dishes but it is not enough. They should also observe cleanliness and orderliness for the customer’s sake. People nowadays are not just after food but also the ambiance of the place that will make them come again. Even the way the crew treats the customer matters now. Manginasal should improve their place, renovate and replace some parts of their place and give proper guidelines to their crew for cleanliness. The improvement will result to more loyal customers. MangInasal should not just be place to eat but a place where you really prefer to eat every single day.
Statement of the Problem
Our team observed 3 major Issues
Background of the Study
As we are conducting this study, we accumulate just one reason on doing this. That is, we wanted to learn from Mang Inasal, as they are to us.

= Ambiance =
Dark colored Ceiling
Damaged Lanterns
Hot Chain temperature
Unpleasant scent of surroundings
Lights and sound

Root Causes of Problem
They did not consider the slippery surface of the tiled steps on the entrance, if the floor is wet, there will be chances that the costumers will slip off on the wet floor.

The crews and staffs of Mang Inasal did not consider the ambiance of their chain, we observed that the lanterns have damages, the tables are oily, the floors are not clean, there are residues all over the kitchen, the ceiling was painted black, that made the mood and ambiance of the store so unlikely and boring, it feels hot inside even the aircons were operating and there`s unpleasant odor coming from the kitchen and toilet.

We saw cockroaches under the table and it seem so dirty in Mang Inasal because of that, add the inordinate of the crew in cleaning the tables, the laminated number with stick are broken and ad looks dirty.

"Injap" Sia II is the man behind Mang Inasal, one of the fastest growing food companies in the Philippines, which has become a modern icon of the Ilonggo culinary culture. Sia created Mang Inasal in Iloilo City in 2003.
In October of 2010,
70% of Mang Inasal was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation for P 3 billion
Currently there are 445 branches nationwide and with over 10,000 employees system wide.
As we go through this study, we are to investigate things about Mang Inasal
that needs to be improved
. There are several factors that need to be considered such as
customer satisfaction, industry trends, suitability of the location and the business.

The store ambiance
The store's cleanliness and orderliness
The store's safety
= Cleanliness and Orderliness =
Oily tables and chairs
Disarranged chairs
Unorganized Condiments Area
Cockroach found in area
= Safety =
Tiled and no handrails PWD Ramp
Insufficient no. of CCTV
Slippery stairs
Cleofe | Corpuz | Dano| Dela Paz
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