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Great Expectations Final Project


Ben Volk

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Great Expectations Final Project

Great Expectations Timeline by Ben Volk and Julia Benson Timeline-

Before story
-Compeyson leaves Mrs. Havisham at her wedding
-Birth of Pip, Estella, Biddy and Herbert Pocket.
-Magwitch and Compeyson become partners.
-Compeyson is caught trying to pass forged notes, but -the court blames Magwitch, who receives a much longer sentence.

1st Expectation
-Pip encounters Magwitch, the convict in the graveyard
-Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s and meets Estella.
-Miss Havisham gives Pip 25 pounds and releases him from her service. He becomes Joe’s apprentice.
-Pip visits Miss Havisham to thank her (and to ask about Estella).
-Pip visits Mr. Pumblechook’s with Mr. Wopsle.
-Pip goes on a long walk with Biddy.
-Jaggers arrives in town and informs Pip of his fortune, which Pip uses to buy new clothes and gentlemanly things.
-Pip says goodbye to Miss Havisham, Biddy, and Joe.
ANALYSIS Second Expectation
-Pip arrives in London
- Pip befriends Herbert and Wemmick
-Joe visits Pip in London and acts annoyed with him while he is there
-Mrs. Joe dies
-Pip finds out that Magwitch is his benafactor
-While Pip is in London he is learning how to become a gentleman
-Pip keeps recieving money from his benafactor -before story/analysis BEN
-1st expectation BEN
-2nd expectation JULIA
by Ben Volk and Julia Benson 1st 2nd Compeyson Leaves Mrs. Havisham at her
wedding. Before the story starts, Compeyson leaves Miss Havisham at her wedding. The reader learns this later in the novel. It is a very important part of the story that molds the way that Pip lives his life. Pip, Estella, Biddy, and
Herbert Pocket are born Pip, Estella, Biddy, and Herbert Pocket are born. It takes several years before the novel actually begins after this event but this period in time is still an essential ingredient for the way that the novel plays out. During this time, each one of these characters are developing their personalities that affect the story. Magwitch and Compeyson become
partners. Also before the physical story begins, Magwitch, Pip's secret benefactor and convict, partners up with the criminal and convict, Compeyson. This partnership leads to many important events in the plot such as Magwitch's murder trial. 3rd Before Story Timeline Analysis These "pre-story" events, although not actually occuring in the story themselves, are essential parts to creating the way that Pip, the main character, sets different expectations for himself throughout the novel. Third Expectation
-Pip encounters the convict who he saw in the marshes when he was a child. Pip finds out that the convict is his benafactor, not Miss Havisham
-Estella informs Pip on her plans of marrying Drummle, which makes Pip feel terrible.
-Pip refuses to spend any of the money that Magwitch is giving him and because of that his debts are growing
- Pip finds out that Jagger's housekeeper Molly is Estella's real mother
-Miss Havisham feels badly about causing Estella to break Pip's heart
-Herbert tells Pip that Magwitch is Molly's husband, therefor he is also Estella's real father
-Pip receives a message demanding Pip to travel to the marshes Orlick captures Pip in the marshes and accuses Pip of coming between him and a woman that he likes. Orlick then admits that he killed Mrs. Joe. Herbert saves Pip from Orlick, but Orlick manages to escape through the marshes
-Magwitch is found guilty and is being sentenced to death. Before Magwitch dies Pip informs him that his daughter is alive and healthy
-After Magwitch dies Pip becomes very sickly. Pip almost gets taken away to prison because of his debts but is saved only because of his extreme illness
-Joe comes and helps Pip get well. Joe informs Pip that Miss Havisham has died. He also informs Pip that Orlick is in jail and that Biddy is teaching Joe how to read and write. Before Joe leaves he pays all of Pip's debts
-Pip decides to go home and thank Joe and ask Biddy to marry him. When Pip arrives home he finds that Joe and Biddy are already married. Pip decides to accept the job offering from Herbert
-Eleven years later, Pip travels back to England. Pip goes to visit Joe and Biddy and sees that the Satis House is no longer standing. Pip hears that Estella was not happy with Drummle and that Drummle has recently passed away. Pip encounters Estella in the garden and they talk about the past together. Pips First Expectation Timeline Pip Encounters Magwitch, the convict in the
graveyard. The first major event that happens in the novel to Pip was him encountering Magwitch in the graveyard. Pip was visiting his family, of which almost all had died when Magwitch came and threatened Pip and forced him to bring him a file for him to free himslef from chains. Although Pip and the reader do not know it at the time, this event will transfom Pip's entire life. Pip goes to Miss Havisham's house and meets her and Estella Pip is invited by Miss Havisham to come "play" at her house. Mrs. Joe and Uncle Pumblechook take it as an opporunity for Pip to make money and rise in status so they force Pip to go. Pip is glad to go and while there learns alot about Miss Havisham and about becoming a gentleman. He also meets Estella. His trips to Miss Havisham continue. This is a very important part of the story because it helps to shape Pip's first "great" expectation for himself which is for him to become a high class gentleman. Pip becomes Joe's apprentice Miss Havisham gives Pip a little bit of money and sends him off to go work with Joe as an aprentice blacksmith dismissing him from her house. This is an important event in the book because Pip realizes that Miss Havisham had no real intentions of helping him become a gentleman and her and Estella were just playing with his mind. Also, he can't see the appreciation for Joe that he used to have and just see's him as a low class blacksmith. Pip continues to live his life as an aprentice Pip continues to live unhappily in his old home as an aprentice for Joe. Uncle Pumplechook and Mrs. Joe are upset that Miss Havisham did not give Pip more money. Pip tries to continue his education with Biddy. Pip, at this time, does not appreciate Biddy because she is low class and normal. Pip also meets Joe's worker, Orlick, who is threatend by Pip for the fear that Pip will replace him at the forge. This time in Pip's life shows how his expecation for himself to become a gentleman and be high class is being slowly crushed down. Pip is losing hope. Pip came home at night to find that Mrs. Joe was attacked and appeared to have serious brain damage. The reader learns later in the novel that Orlick was the attacker. This event shows Orlick's perosnality which is filled with jealousy for Pip because of Biddy, hatred, and pure evil and animosity towards Mrs. Joe because of their differences. Jaggers comes to tell Pip that an annonymous person, who the reader later finds out to be Magwitch, has given Pip a large sum of money becoming his benefactor. Pip believes this person to be Miss Havisham at the time but will learn later. Pip uses the money to buy himself a new wardrobe to fit his new position in life. Jaggers brings Pip to London where he will work and beocme a gentleman. Pip says goodbye to Joe, Biddy, Mrs. Joe, and Miss Havisham. This is a very important time in Pips life in regard to his first expectation for himself because he is finally starting to become what he has always dreamed of being. Analysis Throughout Pip's time in his hometown in the Marshes he developes his first "great" expectation for himself. He is unhappy with his life as a low class uneducated boy. He aspires to become a wealthy upper class "gentleman". Throughout the events in this first section, we see Pip's struggle to do so. This period of Pip's life sets himself up for many lessons to learn and is very important to the novel. Mrs. Joe gets attacked Jaggers comes to the marshes and tells Pip of his benefactor and new fortune. Book Analysis Pip's Third Expectation Timeline Pip arrives in London When Pip arrives in London it is not what he expected. He imagined London as a beautiful city, but was shocked when he saw that it was rather ugly, with narrow dirty streets and had people living in very crowded conditions. Pip goes to Mr. Jagger's office where he is introduced to Herbert. This event is improtant because Pip see's that his dream might not be all that he thought it would be. Pip goes to the
Pocket Household Herbert Pocket who is Mathew Pocket's son offers to help Pip learn how to become a gentleman. Herbert then tells Pip the background story about Miss Havisham and how she was left alone on her wedding day. The next day Pip goes to the Pocket household to be tutoured by and have dinner with, Mathew Pocket. When Pip arrives it is very chaotic and busy. Pip meets Drummle and Startop, two of Mr. Pockets students. Pip tries to practice acting like a gentleman and being proper while he is at the Pocket household. This event is important because it is where Pip gets a taste of friendship with Herbert. Joe visits Pip in London Pips Second Expectation Timeline Before Joe comes to visit Pip in London, Pip worries that Drummle will look down upon him because of the way that Joe behaves. Pip does not want Drummle think of him as less of a gentleman because of Joe. When Joe finally arrives to London Pip acts rather annoyed with him throughout the whole time he is there. Pip travels back home hoping to apologize to Joe for acting poorly and to see Estella. Pip and Joe's relationship begins to fall apart. This is an important event in regards his expectation for himself in this section because he is starting to see what he has become. Mrs. Joe dies Pip Encounters The Convict Molly is Estella's mother When Molly, Jagger's housekeeper, walks in, Pip realizes that Molly resembles Estella. Therefor realizing that Molly is Estella's real mother. After dinner Wemmick informs Pip about Molly and her life in the past. This is an important event in regards to Pip's second expectation for himself beacause he learning the truth behind his old dream which was to be with Estella. This knowledge changes everything for not only Pip but Estella and Miss Havisham too. Pip's debts are growing Pip is refusing to use any of the money that his benafactor, Magwitch, is giving him. Because of that, Pip's debts keep growing. He is beginning to become buried in debts. This event shows how Pip is ashamed of where his money came from and knows that he shouldnt use it. Pip has not learned to trust Magwitch yet. Mrs. Havisham feels terrible about breaking Pip's heart When Pip goes to visit Miss Havisham she says that she feels terribly awful for having Estella break his heart. Pip then goes for a walk in the garden but gets interupted when he looks through the window and sees Miss Havisham smothered in flames. He runs to resucue her. Miss Havisham ends up alive though living in a shadow of her past. This event shows how both Pip and Miss Havisham realize that they need to fix their mistakes. Magwitch is Estella's real father Magwitch dies Magwitch is found guilty of murdering Compeyson and is sentenced to the death penalty. Before Magwitch dies Pip informes him that his daughter is alive and is Estella. Pip now see's the pure good in Magwitch and finally understands that social class and wealth do not matter. He knows what he has to do to fix his mistakes. Joe comes to visit Pip While Pip is extremely ill, Joe comes to visit and help him get well. Joe informs Pip that Miss Havisham has passed away. He also informs Pip that after the inccident at the marshes, Orlick was arrested. Also, Biddy has offered to teach Joe how to read and write. Before Joe departs he pays all of Pip's debts. Pip has left the world of being a gentleman and is happy about it. Pip's debts keep growing After Magwitch dies Pip becomes extremely ill. Pip is no longer recieving money from his benafactor therefor, his debts keep growing. Pip almost gets arrested because of his debts, but is saved only because of his extreme sickly condition. This situation sets Pip up for his resolution and redemtion. Pip goes home Pip decides to take a trip back home to thank Joe and to ask Biddy to marry him. When he arrives home he is shocked to find out that Biddy and Joe are already married. He then decides to accept the job offer from Herbert in Cairo. This event shows that Pip has made a full circle. He has experienced high class life, learned the lessons he had to learned and ended up back at his hometownn. To show his improvement Dickens shows him being not only not upset but happy for Joe and Biddy. Pip has become a real gentleman. Eleven Years Later Eleven years later, Pip travels back to England. Pip eventually goes to visit Joe and Biddy and sees that the Satis House is no longer standing up. Pip hears that Estella was not happy with Drummle and her marriage. Also that Drummle has passed away very recently. Pip encounters Estella in the garden of the rundown Satis House and they talk happily about the past together. This last event ends Pips progress. He has learned all the lessons he needed to learn and is now happy with himself. Analysis Analysis When Pip hears the news that his sister has passed away he feels heartbroken and goes home right away for the funeral. Pip tries to befriend Joe and Biddy and promises to visit more often. But Biddy is very skeptical that he will keep his promise. Pip regrets acting poorly to Joe while he was visiting him in London. This event is where Pip finally see's that being a "gentleman" is not what he thought it would be and he see's what a terrible person he has become. Pip now seeks forgiveness for his actions. Throughout Pip's second expectation he takes major steps to help himself become the gentleman that he aspires to become. Pip is introduced to many new people along the way that will help him in his journey. While striving to become a gentleman Pip acts rudely towards Joe, not wanting him to get in the way of his social status. Pip finds himself in a bad situation. He has forgotten about his old life with Joe and Biddy and become what he thought was a gentleman. Throughout the novel, the main character, Pip, developes many different "great" expectations for himself. These expectations that Pip sets for himself establish the plot of the book and define the characters for who they are. Pip began wishing only to be like a Joe, a blacksmith. Once he was introduced to the life of Miss Havisham he began aspiring to become a "gentleman". In his next expectation for himself he has become a gentleman and is disastified with himself because he has forgotten about his past. In his final "great" expectation, Pip is falling from his place as gentleman as he realizes that social class does not matter and finds that the only real expectation he has for himself is to become a morally good and honest person. This lesson is ironically what Joe had been teaching him all along. This last expectation is his state of redemption. One night Pip encounters the convict that he saw in the marshes as a child, Magwitch. Pip finds out that the convict is his benafactor, not Miss Havisham who he thought was his benafactor all along. Pip meets with Estella who informs him about her plans of marrying Drummle. Pip is starting to see the truth behind his whole life and wants to redeem himself. Great Expectations Timeline
Final Project
Mr. Johannessen
Block E
Ben Volk and Julia Benson Herbert informs Pip that Magwitch his benafactor is Estella's real father. Pip then realizes that Estella did not originally come from a family of the upper class with wealth. Pip's feeling begin to change for the better towards Magwitch because of this new information. He starts to see that social class doesn't and never did matter. yo yo yo Throughout Pip's third expectation he comes to the realization that being a gentleman is not all that he thought it was. He eventually realizes that wealth and social class does not define you as a person. What defines you is your personality. He also realizes that his family matters the most to him and feels badly about the way he treated them in the past. This third expectation is Pip redeeming himself.
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