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Cell Analogy

No description

Mehul Gupta

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

Cell Analogy
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Thank You for Watching
Golgi Apparatus
Cell Membrane
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Cell Wall
Lysosome Analogy - Garbage Dump
Cytoplasm Analogy - Atmosphere
Vacuole Analogy - Warehouse
Chloroplast Analogy - Farm
Centriole Anaolgy - Hospitals
Flagella Analogy - Tectonic Plates
Microfilaments Analogy - Steel Girders
Cell Membrane Analogy - Toll Booth
Cell Wall Analogy - City Wall
Nucleus Analogy - Town hall
Golgi apparatus Analogy- Post office
Ribosomes Analogy - Lumber yard or Quarry
Mitochondria Analogy- Power Plant

Smooth ER Analogy - Manufacturing Plant
Rough ER Analogy - Roadways
The cell membrane separates inter and extra cellular components
Regulates entrance and exit of substances, thereby maintaining internal balance.
Separates and protects the cell from extracellular components
Provides structural support and definition
In plant cells - prevents the cell from lysing in extremely hypotonic solutions
Holds the majority of the geneic material of the cell
Controls the functions of the cell
Through DNA, directs the production of proteins
The sorting, packaging, processing and modification of proteins.
Distribution of proteins to other areas of the cell
Involved in protein synthesis
Main function is the translation of RNA into proteins
Found on RER and in Cytoplasm
It is the location at which cellular resperation hapeens
Creates ATP which is then used in cell as an energy source
Involved in the creation and synthesis of lipids
Packages secretory protines
Involved in many metabolic processes such as drug detoxification.
Is embedded with many ribosomes
It is involved with the processing and creation of proteins along with quality control
Transports proteins to the Golgi apparatus
Break down the excess or unneeded macromolecules and protines within the cell
Filled with enzymes needed to breakdown large molecules
It is a semi-fluid substance that cushions and protects the inner organelles
Most cellular processes occur within the cytoplasm
Transports materials the cell uses and creates
They containing inorganic and organic molecules
Store ATP and water in plant cells
Contain and export unwanted material from the cell
They are the plant cell equivalent of a
They are responsible for the production of ATP and sugars via photosynthesis
The centrioles aid in the organization of chromosomes before mitosis and completion of this process
Are involved in the organization of microtubules in the cytoskeleton
Are the components that make the cytoskeleton of the cell
Support the cell organelles and give the cell overall definition
Aid in the movement of the cell and materials inside the cell
The main use of the Flagella is movement of the cell
The Flagella can also be use as a sensory organelle as it is sensitive to chemicals and temperature changes
Different types of flagella vary greatly in make-up and movement technique
The toll booth or border security monitors and allows certain individuals in and out of the city
All things that leave and enter a city must pass through these checkpoints
This is where most of the vital doculents (rules) and information is kept for the city and is vital for it to function
It controls most of the city by sending out information that it needs to function
Like the cell wall the wall of a city protects it from outside dangers
It gives shape and rigidity to the cell and provides structure
Surrounds the city and regulates entry and exit to provide internal balance.
Like a post office, the Golgi apparatus packages and sorts protiens as well as dillivering them to the different areas of the cell
Just like the Golgi body the post office is a distribution center of information
Like ribosomes the lumber yard and quarry take raw ingredients and process them, they are then sent to other facilities to be further modified and distributed
They provide the essential materials in a half processed state to be further completed.
The mitochondria is like a power plant because it provides power to the different cell parts and systems
The ATP is created through the breakdown of glucose in cellular respiration like in the power plant, the electricity is made from coal in combustion.

The smooth ER is like a manufacturing plant because it makes further developes proteins and lipids
Lipids and protines are then "packaged" and sent off throughout and cell using another organelle
The Rough ER is just like a road system because just like a road system goods are sent through it.
Just like cars travel through the roadways of a city carrying precious goods, ribosomes travel through the Rough Er carrying proteins
The lysosome and the waste dump of a city are very similar because they are both where breakdown of waste material happens
In a dump yard, the garbage of a town is slowly broken down and turned into nutrients for the soil. Similarly in a cell, the waste proteins and organelles are broken down and used for energy
The cytoplasm is like air because they both surround everything in the world and in the cell.
The city needs air to survive like the animal cells need a cytoplasm.
Vacuoles are like warehouses because they serve the same purpose, to store lots of different vital objects
They can hold many substances from simple water to organic and macro molecules.
The cloroplast creates ATP and the farm grows plants to latter become food products. Both are consumed by the cell
The centriole is like a hospital, as they are both vital for reproduction. A centiole aids in the splitting of chromosomes and a hospital aids in giving birth.
The microfilaments in a cell give it structure and stability, similarly in a city it is the steel girders that give the buildings the shape and provide them with stability
Just like microfilaments are found throughout the cell, steel girders are found throughout a city
The flagella main purpose is to enable movement in some cells, likewise, the techtonic plates under a city provide movement to it. Every city is moving just like a cell.
People communicate with each other through the air just like how the organelles communicate with each other through the cytoplasm.
The farm and a chloroplast are very similar, as they both convert radiant energy to another form that is used for consuption
The centriole is a key organelle and a hospital is a key peice of infrastructure.
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Town Hall - http://wallpapers-xs.blogspot.ca/2012/07/town-hall-amsterdam.html
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Quarry - http://ts3.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608053505349324316&w=189&h=148&c=7&rs=1&pid=1.7

Mehul Gupta
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