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Geography Project

Spring 2013

Mark Kirksey

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Geography Project

Research Project

Due: 5/14-17/2013
Choose any country in the world.
Research the physical geography, history, culture, and modern issues and challenges for your country.
Your Task...
Lab Dates:
May 1-2 (M.L.)
May 7th
May 10th
May 13th
1. Create a Prezi or PowerPoint
2. Create a Brochure or Poster
3. Written Research Paper
You Have Options...
Physical Geography
What Do I Research?
A. Landforms
B. Bodies of Water
C. Climate
D. Resources
History & Culture
A. Brief history with major historical events
B. Culture

Language, Religion, Customs, Political System, Economic System
Issues & Challenges
A. What issues and/or challenges is your country facing today?

B. What is being done to address these issues and/or challenges?
•All information (physical geography, history/culture, issues/challenges)
•Appropriate Visuals (minimum = 1 per information category)
•Works Cited page
•See Rubric
For Prezi or PowerPoint
•All information (physical geography, history/culture, issues/challenges)
•Appropriate Visuals (minimum = 1 per information category)
•Works cited page
•See Rubric
For Brochure or Poster
•All information (physical geography, history/culture, issues/challenges)
•Typed, 12-point font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced
•Title Page
•Works cited page
•2 pages
•See Rubric
For Written Paper
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