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Nit Picky Nuisance

Clinic Assistant Training

Valerie Totty

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Nit Picky Nuisance

Nit Picky Nuisance! info here too Do head lice
spread diseases? NO! First Step What do head lice look like? Screening *Send Recommended Treatment
Procedures Packet Home! Howdy Partner! *Notify Parent What to do at home? NO! Objectives Review head lice life cycle
Review transmission modes
Review Screening techniques
Review "Two-Step" Treatment procedure
Review Partnership Roles Transmission Ya'll heard any gossip
'bout Louie and LouAnn
at the clothesline lately? Can they jump or fly? NO! 1 female lays 8 eggs/day X 16 days
=128 eggs They crawl !!! OR Second Step OR 7-10 days later "Meet the Family on the Ranch" We're not in Texas...but we do the
two step here ! The End *Dont forget to document on the head lice follow up worksheet test
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