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Self-Esteem and body language

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K&M .

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Self-Esteem and body language

By Meghan Ely And Katherine Houghton The Affect of Self-Esteem on the Body Meghan's Guiding Question How do emotions (brought on by self-esteem) affect your body language? Katherine's Guiding Question How does self-esteem affect the body/health? Our Main guiding question How does Self-esteem affect
the body as a whole? First of all, What is Body Language? Body language is nonverbal communication. This includes posture, hand signals, facial expression, personal hygiene, hair cut or, if dyed, color, tattoos, and piercings. Body Language communicates mood, motivation, feelings, personality, and relationships. The study of body language is called kinesics. What is Self-esteem? Self-esteem is how you feel about your body and your skills. Katherine's Answers:

Self-esteem can effect the body in a variety of different ways. The body can become exhausted after defending from negative thoughts- which can stem from low self-esteem. Feelings occur from a subconscious mind. They are just reactions to your surroundings and accomplishments. There is no conscious control over these feelings. When you think positive thoughts, the body is going to respond back with positive feelings. When self-esteem is low, 50% of the time you will feel bad about yourself. The constant distress of dealing with negative thoughts can lead to stress related health issues. The Facts: About 70% percent of girls age 15-17 avoid doing daily activities when they feel bad about their looks
75% of girls with low self-esteem engage in negative activities like cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking, or disordered eating
Teens with low self-esteem are more likely to do something they will regret later on Low self-esteem can create anxiety, stress, loneliness, and increase the risk of depression. It can also decrease performance in academics and jobs.
What can I do to increase my Self-esteem? The first step to increasing your self-esteem is to challenge the negatives! Say...
And question your inner voice! Why is it saying you are bad at soccer? Are you really? Build yourself up! Now... Let's look at body language Smug Self Confidence Pride Steepling Learned Innate Body Language can be two things Learned Symbols Winking Thumbs-up High Five Saluting An example of a learned symbol: Innate Symbols Blinking Blushing clearing your throat Sometimes Crying Mixed Signals Shrugging Crying laughing Body Language can reveal lies that words don't When what body language says and what is said don't 'agree', people are more likely to believe the body language's side of the story Lips pressed together= Doubt This is Learned... Doubt Rub eye Rub Ear Raising hand slowly in class can be doubt that you know the answer. lips pressed together Touching Mouth Said something they shouldn't have, or didn't say something they should have Folded hands high on Chest= defensive or close minded
Woman shuffling foot= relaxed
Man shuffling foot=angry or impatient
As little kids lie, they clear throat, blink, bring hands to the back of the neck, and more.
Woman swinging foot= bored
Woman shuffling foot in and out of shoe= relaxed
Pacing with one hand gripping the other wrist=worried about something Body language is more accurate then facial expression, especially when people are experiencing extreme emotions. Can you tell which of these tennis players won or lost? Tell me what you think in the comments on edmodo! Despite the fact that facial expression is unreliable, people believe that there are certain clues. People guessed emotions right 50% of the time when given only the face to judge from. when asked, 80% of people said they would use just face to discover emotion. The last 20% said they would use both the face and the body. No one said the would use body language alone. One foot slightly in front of the other Shoulders dropped back. There is a difference in this and sticking out your chest! Don't stick out your chest!!! Chin slightly up Knees slightly bent P


R We hope we've enlightened you, giving you information that will help you better
interpret your self-
esteem and your
friends and family!
See you next Fall! In conclusion, self-esteem effects the body in many different ways. Self esteem can greatly impact your health, recovery, and ability to do daily activities. Self esteem can also effect your body language, such as the way you carry yourself and interact with others. http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=8220628&height=267&width=200 http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=8213768&height=267&width=200 Aka... Meghan's answers
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