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Reaching goals and be successful in life

No description

yasmely blanca

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Reaching goals and be successful in life

Diana Rey
Jesus Mendoza
Yasmely Blanca Seeking
Diego Navarrete, a student from the
University of El Paso, is assigned a project
about life experience. He's major is kinesiology
and his goal is to become a physical therapist. He decided to volunteer at Triumph Rehabilitation Clinic for his project and also to approach gaining knowledge on what he had planned to major on. He is a full time student taking twelve hours in college and he is working fifteen hours a week at the school in the Center for Students with Disabilities. Diego creates a weekly schedule for himself in order to overcome his goals. Diego was assigned Triumph Rehabilitation Clinic
an elderly Hispanic woman called Maria. Unfortunately, Maria had been diagnosed
with leukemia(cancer) three months ago, she needs someone to walk her to take care to the restroom and satisfied her needs and she doesn’t have any relatives to visit her. With his attentions, Diego gave Maria hope and strength
to keep fighting her battle
against cancer and Maria feel closer to
because she felt that somebody cared for her this made
Maria’s friendship with Diego become stronger. Diego knew his job there was not easy but he knew Maria was there for him the same way he was there for her. Diego later noticed that the staff on the clinic treated Maria differently because of her disease.He personally talked to the workers, giving them an informative presentation about Cancer and other diseases. The presentation had really touch employees hearts and made them understood that people with diseases need to be cheered up every day, that without it they would just give up on themselves and won’t try to survive. Dr. Herrera also noticed that Diego had done a great job. The owner later appreciated what Diego had done and gave
him a job as their clinical therapist so it could also
help him get prepared for his career.
He was very excited and since he had become
very good friends with Maria because
of her good advices and kindness he
went to tell her the good news When Diego got to the room where Maria was
normally in the nurses told him to be strong,
Maria had just passed away leaving him a letter behind saying, Dear Diego,
thanks for always being there for me and giving up most of your time to give me the care I needed. Don’t give up on your dreams and keep looking forward for new things -Maria. At that moment, Maria reminded Diego of his grandmother and made him remember the last time talking to her. It was as if the same exact words his grandmother gave to him, trying to tell him she is still near him. At that moment, he smiled and a tear fell down his cheek. He said, ¨ I love you grandma¨ next to Maria´s body, thanking Maria for always pushing him to do better. Diego learned that life is full of things that
would make people happy and other things that
would make us feel that the world is ending but that you have
to continued fighting with life to know how a story is going to end
and the best way to make life be worth something
and becoming something in life is to get educated with the foundation of success; school. Remember, the sky is not the limit we can reach higher... Thank you..
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