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US History - 2.2.2 - An English Settlement at Jamestown

USH 2.2.2


on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of US History - 2.2.2 - An English Settlement at Jamestown

US 1 Chapter 2.2 Part 2 Notes
An English Settlement in
North America

To contrast the English and Spanish patterns of conquest.
To describe the economic and social inequities that triggered Bacon's rebellion.
As the English settlers expanded their settlement, their uneasy relations with the natives worsened.
Drove away the natives that they defeated
Had no desire to live with the natives, did not intermarry
Clashes with Native Americans
- large population of mestizos, converted natives
- conquest over natives, no mestizo population in US
Spanish Vs. English
English settlers have recovered in the years following starving time, but never forgot how the natives had treated them
Hostile nature
Killed their livestock
Battle with Native Americans
Demanded tributes of corn and labor from natives
Enforced these demands by setting Powhatan villages on fire
Kidnapped hostages (children)
Pocahontas- married John Rolfe
Created a short time of peace
Didn't last long, English took over more land for planting tobacco
Battle with Natives
By 1622, Powhatan attacked the colony
Killed more than 340 colonists
VA Company sent in more troops and supplies (bankrupt)
King James I revoked the charter and made Virginia a
royal colony
(under direct control of the king)
By 1644, 10,000 English colonists lived in Virginia
Why did the colonists continue to move onto American land?
Accommodate for the growing population
Create more farm space
Powhatan tribe?
Powhatan population fell
Economic Differences split Virginia
Battled natives, and EACH OTHER!
Indentured servants contracts expired, had no money to buy land
Had no rights, could not vote
Lived on edges of Virginia (native land)
Tension between poor whites and wealthy land owners of Virginia
Natives vs. Poor colonists
1675, Doeg tribe vs. English farmer
Fighting broke out between natives and poor colonists
Needed support from the wealthy Virginians
Governor refused to finance a war for the colony's poor settlers
Refusal did not sit well with a planter,
Nathaniel Bacon
Bacon's Rebellion
Raised an army to fight natives
Governor declared army illegal
1676, marched to Jamestown to confront governor and express his grievances
Poor colonists lack of representation in House of Burgess (Virginia's legislature)
March turned violent, set town on fire
Wealthy colonists fled by ship
Bacon died a month later, and wealthy colonists returned to Virginia and subdued the rebels
Bacon's rebellion failed, but exposed power of poor colonists
Caused wealthy to cling tight to their power
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