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Jackson and Brianna Snocross

No description

Angela Altazan

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Jackson and Brianna Snocross

Jackson and Brianna Snocross

Basic facts about Snocross:
Riders reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour and reach up to 130 feet high.
First featured in the 1998 winter X Games.
Snocross is a very organized sport and it practiced on snow.
There is a clear understanding of the rules in it.
This winter sport was eliminated from the X-Games because it was unsafe for competitors that competed in it.

Types of flags in snocross:
Did you know that there are different colored flags in snocross that mean something important?
The green flag means go, the red means the race has been stopped, the black means safety issue or rule infraction- you don't want that, white means 1 lap to go, blue flag means you are going way to slow, and checkered means victory!
This is a picture of riders competing in snocross.
Classes of snocross:
You don't have to worry about someone getting left out, because there are different age groups with different ages. If the younger generation competed with the older riders, there would be a whole lot of injuries. This is when the classes kick in. There is more safety precautions within the ages.
the classes consist of the jr. class ages 6-17,spot class amateur ages,pro lite stock sleds,pro am women top female racers,pro am plus 30 racers 30 and up,pro open biggest badest racers in the world.
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