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The 90's

No description

Katie Fosburgh

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of The 90's

The WWW to the HTML THE END! The 90's C.J. Castillo
Xavier Day
Katie Fosburgh
Alexis Maday General Facts Inventions and
Scientific Discoveries Entertainment Historic Events and People Sports Art and Architecture Global Positioning System (GPS) Sports were not as big in the 90's as they are now. Some big topics in the sports world, however, were Michael Jordan and the Dallas Cowboys. A decade of tremendous change in the art world and beyond, the 1990s saw dramatic upheavals across all spheres, from the rising cultural dominance of grunge to the technological revolution introduced by the Internet. derp June 26, 1993:
U.S. Air Force launched 24th Navstar satellite
completed a 24-satellite network locate exact position on the earth
allows for extreme accuracy Music was a popular asset to our decade with rock bands such as:

Linkin Park
Green Day
The Foo Fighters Shopping malls were a popular meeting point for people during the 90's. They were packed with stores, fast food restaurants and grannies with fanny packs! Tim Berners-Lee developed concept in 1989.
His prototype for a web browser came out in 1990. The 90's saw the uprising of cartoons, such as
Dexter's Laboratory
Courage the Cowardly Dog
And many many more! Pentatonix:
Evolution of Music Pills Were Smarter Before Phones "Smart Pill" - 1991
Jerome Schentag
medicine can be sent to a specific location in the body
used in the gastrointestinal tract (a.k.a. the digestive system) Also occurring in Africa during this time, Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa, and he was a huge leader in the civil rights movement in the U.S. too. Nowadays the term can also mean a "pill" with lots of sensors to track bodily activity Better lives...? Enough said... Viagra (active ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate) was synthesized in 1989.
not officially labeled (i.e. patent and FDA approval) for its current purpose until the late 1990s. Clinical approach: the drug currently used as a citrate salt to help treat erectile dysfunction in men. Similar chemicals can also help treat heart problems. popularity rose during this era
still popular; widespread (HTML 5) TV show started back in 1997
was originally created in 1996 with a card game.
The huge hit was unexpected! Bill Clinton was a huge political figure:
pushed for peace in the Middle East
wanted to decrease human made pollution.
elected president in 1992; 2nd term in 1996
involved in scandal in 1998 with a White House secretary, Monica Lewinsky North American Free Trade Agreement:
Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.A trade freely
promoted democracy in an era where people were still shaken by communist "threats" and the Cold War. The Cowboys:
'92 and '93 season = won these Super Bowl seasons with large victories over the Buffalo Bills.
made a mark in the NFL Hubble Space Telescope
launched aboard the Discovery in 1990 Nelson Mandela
released from prison after 27 years in 1990
fought to end the apartheid (World politics): Mikhail Gorbachev
elected as the president of the Soviet Union
start of an era that brought the decline of prevalence of Communist Party Soccer (England, mostly):
Chelsea Football Club = not doing well during the early 90's
However, in 1997: won the FA Cup
established themselves as a better contender in England once again. Warsaw Pact (NATO equivalent)
dissipated in 1991
all nations involved withdrew and the pact stopped existing. Michael Jordan was a huge sports star in the 90s winning three Championships in a row in which was called a "three-peat." Pentium is Released released in 1993
sparked a series of more processors
boom in the computer industry OJ Simpson
arrested in 1994 for the murder of his wife
controversial trial Yahoo!, Google, and eBay gain their starts
Yahoo! founded in 1995
Google founded in 1998
all three are still popular internet services (search engines, mail, commerce, etc.) Dolly the Sheep
became the first fully cloned animal in 1997 In 1993, some bombings such as the Oklahoma bombing opened the U.S.'s eyes up to terrorism. 1999: the world population reaches 6 billion. An upside to 90s was during the Presidency of Bill Clinton, the U.S. was under a time of great prosperity. Pokémon! Napster was formed in 1999... ...and it revolutionized the way we share music - sparked online music sharing. Fashion and Fads Y2K bug panic
fear that all computer software would glitch out on the night of New Years Eve, 1999. Other acts of terror and murders/killings also contributed to a greater awareness during the time period. The Two Prudential Plaza rises from an artificial hillside plaza as a dramatic shaft piercing the sky. The 90's style and fashion was influenced by Hollywood and the music industry. The 80's represented a time of outrageous fashions focused on neon colors and big hair. The 90s, however, began focusing on the more toned back Grunge look. Preppy Fashion- Khaki was definitely the easiest fashion trend of the 90's. The Gap was the place to shop at. While other 90's fashions revolved around baggier fits, the Preppy look was more fitting. Grunge fashion consisted of plaid, flannel, browns, more plaid, and greens and indigos. Fitting was out and sloppy was in. Many girls were going through a fashion trend with spunky hair styles and tight perms and the entrance of long, straggled straight or wavy hair. Doc Martens, work boots, or any other thick soled shoe was the hot ticket for both men and women attempting to pull off the Grunge look. Courtney Love was the original lady of the grunge look.
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