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The Eliminate Project

No description

Allison Mac

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of The Eliminate Project

The Eliminate Project
Who suffers?
MNT affects mainly developing countries, in remote areas that have little access to healthcare.

26 countries still suffer from MNT today.
Our Goal
is to
So... WHAT is it?
What can you do?
What is MNT?



It is the bacteria Clostridium Tetani, which can be found in the soil & decaying material. It
Causes excruciating pain and muscle spasms
Kills almost 100,000 mothers and babies every year
Kills one baby every 9 minutes
MNT is perfectly PREVENTABLE! All it takes is three vaccinations to protect a mother and her future babies. And these three vaccines?
Only $1.80

Kiwanis has partnered with UNICEF to create The Eliminate Project. Our goal is to raise
$110 million by 2015
, which would go toward vaccinations and awareness. This sounds like a lot, but it is completely doable!

Before, Kiwanis raised $100 million and ELIMINATED Iodine Deficiency Disorder.

We did it with IDD, and we can do it again.
MNT is a scary disease.

In poorer countries, it enters the body through open cuts during childbirth due to unsanitary conditions. Bacteria enters through open wounds or the baby's newly cut umbilical cord. The most common way of contracting the disease is through the use of rusty or dirty tools & sticks to cut the umbilical cord during birth.

Once infected, lethal toxins attack the nervous system. This causes painful muscle spasms and makes the baby EXTREMELY sensitive to all stimulus- light, sound, and even his mother's touch and voice are excruciatingly painful.

After a couple agonizing days, without ever knowing his mother, the baby dies.
And this is JUST as of 2011! We have made so much progress since then.
What is Kiwanis doing?
Here, we are fundraising and spreading awareness. The Eliminate Project is part of Key Club's Major Emphasis- "Children: Their Future, Our Focus."

Kiwanis and UNICEF are also actually going to these affected countries and providing not only vaccinations, but also education. By educating the people on the dangers of unsanitary birth conditions and rusty tools, we are one step closer to elimination.
$1.80 can save a mother and her future children! Every penny counts. Key Club has various fundraisers throughout the year, such as Trick-or-Treat and other events like charity dinners.

Raise Awareness.
MNT is so destructive, yet so preventable. WE have the power to end it. Let the world know about The Eliminate Project! Just by listening to this presentation, you've done a small part. Now go forth and let everyone know how much we can do for babies around the world. Use FB, twitter, whatever!

We even have our own official hashtag!

It's simple!
Check out a box!
Remember to write your name and grade on it!
Collect money!
Ask your friends, bother your family, look under your couch... Go trick-or-treating and ask for spare change! We will be collecting boxes in early November.
Hours will be deducted if you don't return the box, even if you collected nothing.

Oh yeah!
The top Trick-or-Treaters will earn a prize! (and maybe a couple extra hours! /hinthint)

Last year's top earner was Jennifer To, with
. Can YOU beat that?
Sometimes, a mother's touch takes a group effort.
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