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No description

Līva Romane

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Latvia

Latvia Where is it? Basics Population: 2 070 371 Language: Latvian Territory: 64,589 km 2 Currency: Lats 62,1% Latvians 26,9% Russians 11% Others Capital: 699,203 inhabitants Largest city of the Baltic states Territory: 307,17 km 2 is famous for... History Want more? Film evening is coming... Independence declared (from Russia):
November 18, 1918 In between: Soviet and German occupation Independence restored: August 21, 1991 Joining EU: May 1, 2004 Art Nouveau All-Latvian Song and Dance Festival Architecture Churches Modern Held since 1873 50 000 performers singing in chours Culture and nightlife Theaters Opera Nightlife Open-air theater "Skroderdienas Silmačos" What are we proud of... Nature and ecotourism Latvia has over 12,500 rivers
that stretch for 38,000 km Latvia has the 4th highest proportion of land covered by forests in the European Union Midsummer night - Līgo/ Jāņi Held in the night from 23 June to 24 June The shortest night and longest day of the year Usually spent in countryside with family Singing traditional songs & dancing Staying up all night Making bonfires Drinking beer and eating cheese Ice-hockey Wackiest, happiest, noisiest fans imaginable ...and much more Thank You!
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