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Present Perfect X Present Perfect Continuous

present perfect, present perfect continuous, past participle

Marcello Araújo

on 2 September 2018

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Transcript of Present Perfect X Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect X
They have painted the bedroom
The activity is over this instant! They have finished the action. This is
the present perfect
In the present perfect we are interested that
the action is over
. It is the end of the action (paint)
In this situation, the important thing is that the action has been finished. “have painted” is a completed action
We are interested in
the result
of the activity
They have been painting the bedroom
The activity is not over yet! They haven’t finished the action.
This the present perfect continuous
In the present perfect continuous we are interested in the activity. It is not important if something has been finished or not
In this situation, the important thing - the activity (paint) - has not been finished
We are interested in
the continuation
of the activity, even if it finishes or not
"Look, the house is clean! The maid has cleaned it!"
"Look, the maid is here. She has been cleaning the house since 8:00!"
Exercises :
1. ____________________________________ (you/practice) sports? You look fit!
2. Look! Somebody _____________________________ (break) that window. There are pieces of glass all over the floor.
3. You look tired. ________________________________________(you/work) hard?
4. “I _______________________ (lose) my book! I can't find it anywhere".
5. "Sorry I'm late". "That's all right. ___________________________________ (I/not/wait) long".
6. “Is still raining?” “No, it ____________________________ (stop)”.
7. I ______________________________ (read) the book you lent me, so I can’t give to you now. Can I give it to you next week?
A class by

Murphy, Raymond. "English Grammar in Use". Third edition. Cambridge.
Larry and Jenniffer started to paint their bedroom,
but they didn’t finish
Melanie and Eric started to paint their bedroom,
and they finished
Present Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect:
Subject + have/has + Verb (in past participle)
Felipe has read that excellent book this week
Present Perfect Continuous:
Subject + have/has +been+ Verb +ing
Matheus and Davi have been reading the same book
"My sister has drunk all my coca-cola! I hate her!"
"My sister has been drinking all my coke! I'll kill her!"
They have played a volleyball match
They have been playing a volleyball match
OBS: Past Participle
Past Participle
I walk
She loves
I break
I am
I walked
She loved the gift
I broke the TV
I was in Miami
I have walked
She has loved the gift
I have broken the TV
I have been to Miami twice
Have you been practicing
has broken
Have you been working
have lost
I haven't been waiting
has stopped
have been reading
Marcello Araújo
What is the Past Participle?
The past participle comes from a verb and indicates that something is done/completed
Ex: The kids were raised properly
They have finished the task
They had dreamed about that before they were teens
The past participle is usually used as a complement with the verbs "be" and have in the Past, Present Perfect, Past Perfect and Future Perfect.
Ex: I have eaten frog legs
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