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Global Warming


benjamin gramling

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Global Warming

Global Warming
By:Ben What is Global Warming ?

Global Warming is a severe change to earth's climate.
It creates changes to long term weather patterns on earth.
It warms earth.

What are the causes of global warming ?

The Greenhouse Effect
Fossil fuels like oil and coal
Too much c02 in the atmosphere
Carbon Cycle not working

What are the effects of global warming ?

Lots of glaciers are melting.
Sea levels are rising at one 1/10 of an inch every year.
-cloud forests drying
-wildlife scrambling to keep pace
Global warming is changing the rhythm which all plants, animals , and people need.
Global warming will be felt across the globe.
Global warming is warming North America the most.
The Narwal is the most endangered animal in the artic.

How Can We Prevent Global Warming ?

Use less gasoline
Make more fuel effecient cars
Fewer smokestacks
More bicycles
Fewer cars
Fewer trucks
More people taking busses
More carpools to use less gasoline
More electric cars to use less gasoline
More cars like a "Pruis"
More electric lawnmowers
More people motivated to help earth

The Greenhouse Effect

1. - Sunlight and infared energy into climate system-most absorbed by ocean and land
2. Infared energy radiates energy out.
3. Some absorbed by greenhouse gases and energy radiates out.
4. Some of the remaining infared energy further warms earth.
5. Some of the energy emitted into space.
6. Greenhouse gases trap infared energy and warms earth even more.


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