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Merchant of Venice- Mercy and Justice

No description

Jasmine Kao

on 25 March 2016

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Transcript of Merchant of Venice- Mercy and Justice

Merchant of Venice
Mercy and Justice
Use the following passage as the starting point for a discussion of justice and mercy in the play as shown by various characters. Your discussion should involve exploration of the passage AND some consideration of the play as a whole
Act IV scene 1
The trial scene
Justice is the end of mankind while Mercy can redeem us
Mercy grants us more power than Justice
Mercy helps many while Justice appeases only one
What is deserved -
- Given to the undeserving
"in the course of justice none of us shall see salvation"
Justice is required but needs mercy to prevent destruction
Justice condemns mankind as we punish each other- left with nothing
No one can go through life without sin
"Mercy is an attribute to God himself"
God wants us to show mercy
Godlike trait
God forgives our sins
Mercy brings us closer to God
"We do pray for mercy"
Redeems us
People pray for forgiveness and mercy is people granting forgiveness on each other
Antonio cant pay Shylock
Justice = Death
Mercy = salvation
What is morally 'right' here?
"the duke shall grant me justice"
"be merciful Jew, take three times the money owed, bid me tear the bond"
Justice is a method for Shylock's revenge
"Craves the law"
Shylock refuses Portia's offer
"it blesseth him that gives and him that takes"
Not for the selfish, hence why she is willing to give up her money
Benefits two
Mercy = together
Justice = Divide
Shylock is to blinded by his need for revenge he fails to see how mercy can benefit them both- mercy gives and justice takes.
It is obvious that Shylock feels like he is in power
He is really giving it away as soon as he ends his punishment
"mercy seasons justice"
"tis mightiest in the mightiest"
"becomes the throned monarch better than his crown"
those in the position to exact justice must first have the ability of mercy
most powerful in the individuals with the most power
hope and respect more powerful than fear
punishment causes fear- real power comes when you could exact justice but choose not to
sometimes the most powerful thing to do is to not use your power at all
Shylock could make a greater impression by showing mercy

instead he caves into revenge and suffers the consequences

qualities of mercy speech
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