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Psycology Themes

7 themes of psycology

Emma Stroup

on 28 August 2010

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Transcript of Psycology Themes

Theme 5 Behavior is Shaped by Cultural Heritage What is Culture? culture is human made, transmitted, and can be in a large town or small village Culture is also rules in people's minds that we can not see
*passive influence
It is impossible (or rare) to not be influenced
by cultural heritage (Segall) Cultures across the world have
different psycological processes. Theme 6 Heredity and Enviroment
Jointly Influence Behavior Nature nature is the way you naturally are. not how you become by culture nurture Nurture is when the enviroment around you influences who you become This was first and all or none theory
Either you were influenced all by hereditary or your enviroment. Theme 7 People's Experience of the World is Highly Subjective Perception is personalized and subjective West vs. East

Ex. In America if you eat all your food it's considered polite but in India it's rude to eat it all, you must leave a little to show satisfaction.

Ex. 2 In America if you're ten minutes late it is looked down upon, but in Latin America time is relative and being hours late is normal. Study by Heatrof and Cantril (1954) People actively processing incoming info
and selectively focusing on specific aspects
plus organizing those thoughts
creates the subjectivity Perception is swayed by a person's motives In other words: "we see what we want or expect to see." Galton was all for hereditary and genes being the main "maker" of a person Theme 1 Psychology Is Empirical psychology must be tested and isn't based on assumption psychologists are skeptical and question everything their observations are based off of research and experiments Theme 2 Psychology Is Theoretical Diverse psychologists use theories to explain and tie many different observations together, that may seem unrelated theoretical diversity has many
conflicting views, but usually
more than one theory may be correct having more than one perspective, though they may be contrasting, provides a better understanding of behavior Theme 3 Psychology Evolves in a Sociohistorical Context science is usually not considered part of everyday life but in fact, psychology is consistantly being affected and moderated by the changes in a society psychology develops in a sociohistorical context in result of being affected by society Theme 4 Behavior is Determined by Multiple Causes Behavior is usually affected by multiple causes Behavior is complex and only having one explanation may be incorrect Personal factors and situational factors can affect one's behavior but in fact, psychology is constantly being affected and moderated by the changes in a society John B. Watson believed that he could make a baby into any type person = eviroment only
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