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American Literature

No description

Valerie Camargo

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of American Literature

Brought to the Americas by force and wrote of the conditions of slavery.

Brought to Virginia in 1619 by Dutch and English slave ships.

Very brutal living conditions
on the slave ships.

Work in field labor, as well as household and skilled labor.
Early America
Beginnings to 1800

Main Idea
As you read the stories of Early Americans, think about how this reflects what it means to be an American and how our past affects our identity now.
Native American Peoples
When Europeans reached the Americas, their writings recorded their experiences of exploration and settlement.
Preserved their stories through myths, songs, and other lore from long ago.

When Europeans arrived in the 1490s, it was already
home to hundreds of Natives from various cultures
and languages.

Believe that animals and nature are sacred and that
no one person should own the land.
Came to America for opportunity and religious freedom.
Their religion was various forms of
Believed in "Manifest Destiny" is a belief
that God destined them to conquer

1. What is your view of the Native American belief
system that held the natural world as sacred?

2. How did Native Americans religious views lead
to conflict with Europeans?

3. What movies do you remember that incorporate
the circle of life?
1. What is meant by the phrase in paragraph 1, "subdue a wilderness"?
2. Why did the Puritans adopt a plain writing style?
3. What can you tell about the Puritans based on the painting on page 15?
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