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Child Soldiers

No description

Kevin Federline

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Child Soldiers

The End Child Soldiers Kurt McGee What is a child soldier? Poverty Starvation
AIDS Famine Lack of clean water Civil war What is Child Soldiering?? Use of a child in an armed forces group. Soldier Slave Sex slave Mine testers Suicide bombers Where?? Africa Middle East South America Asia Why these places?? Government Weak Guerilla organizations running rampant Fighting War Resources Why isn't it well known?? Few children 300,000 0.000001% Overshadowed Overshadowed War Famine Poverty Disease Lack of clean water Not common knowledge Child vs. Adult Loyal Blind Fear Ignorance Easily Convinced Fearless Suicide Mine Human Shield Process Village plundered Killed or captured "Trained" GO AWAY!! 1. 18 2. Increase 3. Support Help? Save the Child Federation Religious Coalition Enlisting Age 60!? Debatable Convention Conclusion Terrible Illegal Government Charity Outside SMALL!? BIG UN! UN! Fearless?
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