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On the sidewalk bleeding

No description

Carter Nolan

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of On the sidewalk bleeding

On the sidewalk bleeding
Group review
The jacket is a symbol that represents unfair labeling of this gang member. to some a gang is like a brotherhood, but Andy realized that he doesn't have an individual identity while wearing the jacket. An example of this are these to quotes near the end of the story: " But he squirmed and fought and twisted until one arm was free and then the other. " and " Rain is sweet, I'm Andy. "
The story has dramatic Monologues included in it. This is the presents one side of a conversation. It could also be a conversation with ones self. This was shown in this following quote: " I don't want to die, he thought. I haven't lived yet. "
The conversations he was having with himself was focused on through out the story. It provided the reader with Andy's thought proccess and how it progressed.
By: Akene, Rowena, Kier and Nolan
Short story elements
Prezi by Nolan
Point of view
It is third-person omniscient. The narrator has insight into Andy's thoughts while he was laying on the sidewalk bleeding before he dies. It is third-person because he does not use that shows his opinion such as " He did not know he was dying. He lay on the sidewalk, bleeding, and he thought only: that was a fierce rumble. " ( Humble 1)
I feel this is effective because as it goes into his life and girlfriend and hopes/dreams, it taps into your emotions knowing he is going to die. You feel bad knowing that he to live a decent life and has good intentions, but that he was going pass away at the end of the story.
The atmosphere of a story or scene is like the mood. But instead of the characters mood it is the scene's over all mood. Atmosphere can change as the story goes on just like a character's mood can. This means like a mood the atmosphere can change, for example going from bad to worse or vice verses. This quote is an example of the atmosphere going from bad to worse. " Now, in the alley, with cold rain washing his hot body he wondered about the meaning. If he died, he was Andy. He was not a Royal. He was simply Andy, and he was dead. "
With these observations I find that the atmosphere in " On the sidewalk bleeding " is an effective one. It"s effective because the atmosphere fits the story and that amplifies it to be effective. This plus the fact that as Andy realizes that he is going to die it adds to the atmosphere. Making it more intense. Therefore the atmosphere is effective in " On the sidewalk bleeding " .
Relevant terms
In the beginning, the main character Andy was faced with drastic consequences when he was stabbed under the ribs by the rival gang, “The Guardians”. This would make Andy the protagonist and The Guardians the antagonist because Andy is the leading title in the story and The Guardians would be the obstacle that would stop him from moving forward. This would be a person vs person conflict because it was a fight between people. Andy is a round, dynamic character because as he goes through his different thought processes he eventually changes his mindset and decides that instead of being a royal, he wants to be himself. The Antagonist, the Royals, would be a static character because there is not enough information to know them. Some traits that Andy has are; passionate and determined. Andy is passionate because throughout the story he had thoughts about his girlfriend Laura, like their future together, if she would be mad, if he will ever see her and how much he wanted to kiss her. He is determined because he faced the struggle of death and still made the effort to take off his jacket to try to remove his label of being known as a Guardian. After Andy’s efforts to be known as himself, the police officer still calls him a royal despite Laura telling him his name.
There are several different themes in the short story On the Sidewalk Bleeding. However, there is one main theme, which is the importance of self-identity. In the story, Andy, a member of the Royals gang, is stabbed by a rival gang, the Guardians and left on the sidewalk to die. The Guardian that stabbed him did not know anything about Andy, other than the fact that he was a Royal. Everybody sees Andy as a Royal and that is the reason that he was stabbed and wasn’t saved. If he wasn’t wearing the Royal’s jacket, he would have been a different person.
From this, we learn that it is important to be ourselves and not have labels define you we are. It also teaches us that we have to be careful of labels and not to associate with bad influences such as gangs, because they are what people will see you as. Instead, we must avoid labels and develop our own individuality.
There are several events in this story that illustrate this theme. For example, Andy meets the couple, Freddie and Angela, who refused to help him because they saw he was a gang member. In the climax of the story, Andy wanted to take off his jacket because when he dies, he did not want anyone to see him as a Royal who was stabbed, but as Andy. At the end of the story, when the cop and Laura find Andy, the cop writes off Andy as a Royal, as if he thought the death was justified, because he was a Royal.
In all these examples, Andy was instantly judged as a gang member, although they did not know anything about him. This is why the theme of identity is key in this story. Andy just wanted to be himself, but the label of being a Royal stopped others from knowing who he truly was.
" On the sidewalk bleeding " was basically about this boy named Andy who had gotten stabbed because he was a Royal. Many people wouldn't even help Andy and he was just being judged by the jacket he wore not who he really was Andy was. In middle of the story Andy came across a few people who wouldn't help him as well. Throughout the story Andy was reflecting on himself and his girlfriend. Towards the end even when the police were called Andy was again judged by his jacket not who he was.
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