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North America

No description

Kenneth Hemphill

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of North America

North America
North America Research
Social Structure/Wealth
What social groups (classes) exist in the region? Traditional Continent, Geographical Continent, etc....
Is wealth more concentrated or evenly spread out? Wealth is more concentrated
Fashion Literature
New Generation like jeans and spandex etc..
The important artist are the president and the govenor.
They use schools to teach us the stuff we need in our daily life. At home we learn how to be respectful and honest etc.... We learn things like Math, Science, US History, English, etc....
Land Use
The land is shared and own by the government. Land use in this region is used more for manufacturing.
Trading Network
marketing and businesses are the goods and services that people exchange.
They trade food and transportation, etc.... outside this region.
The main minorities of this region are the waves of immigration and the indigenous inhabitants of the region.
We're okay so far its just thing guys can do that girls cant do and some things that girls can do that guys cant do.
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