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No description

Jadelzy Lim

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Gypsy

This is our

idea! Information Desk
Ticketing Booth
Bag Check Counter
Ushers Opening the Show
Stall / Circle Entrance Ushers
First-Aid Officers Gypsy: A Musical Fable Box Office Plan Thank you for
your kind attention! Normal Tickets
Early Bird Tickets
Concession Tickets (Students & NSFs)
Complimentary tickets are given to VIPs (Includes complimentary VIP Parking)
Body of ticket to be retained by ushers Seating Plans Plan A,B,C & D Flow of Events FOH Management Plan Tickets sold through SISTIC Proposed Plan A Reserved Seating with
Live TV at Foyer Proposed Proposed Plan B Reserved Seating without
Live TV at Foyer Proposed Plan C Free Seating with
Live TV at Foyer Proposed Plan D Free Seating without
Live TV at Foyer BOX OFFICE Manpower
Plan 3 Teams ALPHA BETA CHARLIE Roleboard will be set in place
Estimated total working hours per member: 2 hrs Primary Roles Secondary Roles Audience Management Ushers
Latecomers Management Ushers
Sounding Reminders/House Bells
Surveyors Total: 17 Training-of-staff
T.O.S Plan Training of 1 hour COMPULSORY Conducted by
Assistant FOH Manager 5 Basic Steps to Excellence Smile~ Look~ Listen~ Inform~ Thank~ Contingency
Plan Lost & Found
Plan Inventory list with who found it, where and when it was found.
90 days limit
Kept with Lasalle Administration 6:15pm (auditorium ushers, bar staff, catering staff, ticketing staff, retail stuff or whoever are involved) 6:15pm 6:25pm (relate all relevant information regarding that evening’s performance and assign specific duties) 6:35pm Installation of exhibitions Room Sweep: 5 mins 6:25pm - 6:35pm & 6:40pm 7pm
(these take place before each show and involve sending out publicity to people on the mailing list. Only 1 person will be in charge) 6:40pm - 7:00pm Mail Out Expected Crowd Arrival time 7:15pm Doors Open 7:25pm Giving out of program booklets and ticketing 6:40pm - 7:25pm (FOH volunteers are to encourage people to start going in and stop all sales/ donations if necessary): 1st House Bell 7:29pm (Get all audiences in as fast as possible if not they would only be able to join in in between scenes.) 2nd House Bell 7:30pm 7:35pm 9:00pm Doors Close/Show Start/
Update digital mailing lists Give Clearance to start show and everything should be handed to SM. 1st Phase 9:00pm 9:13pm 9:15pm 10:15pm 10:25pm 10:35pm 10:50pm 11:00pm (Doors to be open throughout) Intermission 2nd Phase Notify audience in nearest toilets that intermission soon will be over Close doors as
punctual as possible 9:15pm Door Open Room Sweep De-rig of exhibitions
Packing up Post Show debriefs 10:50pm - 11:00pm Dismiss Crew Briefing Arrival Time for all Press Management Crisis Management Security Management Welcomed Press Unwelcomed Press General Management of Venue’s Safety
VIPs/VVIPs Terrorist Threats Power Outage (In or out of theatre) FIRE! (Threat received 1 day or more,
1 – 2 hours before the show or received
30 minutes or less before the show) Q&A 10:30pm 10:20pm 10:25pm - 10:30pm Approximately 5 mins After Party 10:20pm - 10:35pm 10:30pm - 10:50pm Designated Position for Audience Management Ushers VIP Seating Handicap Seating Dress Code Black tops, pants and shoes. Ladies may wear skirt and short heels.
Wear your name-tags/land-yard at all time.
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