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XYZ Construction, Inc

Information Systems

Latoya Haywood

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of XYZ Construction, Inc

XYZ Construction, Inc
Information Systems
Other Statistical Data
Planning for Technology
Information Systems
Other Statistical Data
Information Technology Strategy and
Information System
Table of Contents

Information Systems
- Planning for Technology
- Implementing Technology System
- Technology Evaluation and Control
Quantitative Techniques
- Statistics

Is a sub-set of the firms overall strategic plan to:
* Created a technology based system
* Discuss internal and external business operations
* Set goals and objectives
* Derive Strategies and Policies
* Use statistics to determine results of long, and short
term results

Consists of a Combination of:
~Telecommunication Networks
People are also considered as part of network. Individuals such as:
~ Product Managers
~ Financial Analysts
~ Database Administrators
XYZ Construction, Inc will have to compare the companies hardware and software upgrades to those of their suppliers and customers.
Technology reinforces the everyday
operations of the business from the
inside out.
Evaluation and Control of Technology
Data Techniques
Quantitative Data - numerical facts and figures that are collected in the research process. The data is then analyzed and used to explain a situation or event. Data is measured on a numerical scale such as a chart
Qualitative Data- is information that is organized into categories that are not numerical. These categories can be physical traits, gender, colors or anything that does not have a number associated to it. Qualitative data is sometimes referred to as categorical data.
Nominal Data-
is data that shows relationships to each other, but they do not give actual values to tell what the difference is. Ordinal data usually starts at 1 and progresses in order to some number that is equal to the n of the original data.

Ordinal Data-
is data that is related to gender, race, religious affiliation, and political affiliation of data
Ratio Data-
Interval Data-
is the difference between data points. Which is the difference between 1 and 2 on an interval scale is the same as the difference between 4 and 5, or 8 and 9, or 100 and 101.
A measurement of data which
compares the differences in values
with the fixed value being zero.
XYZ Construction, Inc is striving on staying the industry leader within the commercial market. Statistical Data and Technology upgrades are key attributes in keeping the company on the right track to accomplish our goals. XYZ Construction, Inc will continue to globalize with these added strategies and dominate the market.
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Note: Today we are going to discuss the importance of information systems for XYZ Construction, Inc . New technology will help to globalize the company. What we are going to do is go over a plan for upgrading technology, implementing the new system, evaluate, and control information. This system will allow us to find out what is needed and how we will be able to reach out to customers and expand services. We will also discuss the different ways we can statistically track our progress and growth.
Note: Information Systems are combinations of hardware, software, and telecommunication network that people build and use to collect, create, and distribute data in an organizational setting (Northcentral University, 2012). This technology will allow us to establish structured operations internally and externally. With the opportunity to easily distribute information in a timely and efficient manner will keep our company moving in the right direction to reach our strategic goals. We are at the point that we will need to only enforce the policies we have put in place, and in detail we will discuss how. With our new system, we will also show you how using statistics will not only show you our progress, but to give you short and long term results.
Note: As described earlier, information systems consist of hardware which is the physical equipment and parts of the computer. Software is described as the program or set of program that tell the computer to perform certain tasks (Northcentral University, 2012). Telecommunications networks refers to a group of two or more computer systems that are linked together to perform tasks (Northcentral University, 2012). People are also a very important piece of the puzzle because they are the individuals needed to run the system. Within our organization, they will be the individuals who will process sales transactions, manage loan applications, or help financial analysts to decide, where, when, and how to invest. Which this is very important in the success of our company. Product managers are those who help decide where, when, and how to market their products and related services and production managers use them to help decide when and how to manufacture products (Northcentral University, (2012).
Note: It is very important that XYZ Construction, Inc pay close attention to the supply and demands of their customers. In order to do that, we have to make sure that our upgrades are still user friendly and compatible to anyone who uses it. We want to be at a point that there will be nothing that could keep us from becoming industry leaders. Our companies existence is built on technology. Technology not only keeps us communicating with our customers and suppliers, but also with those within the organization. We are able to stay on top of our competition, and our daily objectives and goals. We can honestly say that technology is and will forever be apart of our everyday lives.
Note: As with any process, there is always a trial and error period. This will allow us to assess what has been put in place so far, and to evaluation the progress. Based on the information obtained, we can determine what the next step would be. The whole process step by step targets each area of market. Which lets us know where we would need to improve and what will need to be done to be out the competition.
Note: Quantitative data explains the reason why this is taking place. Based on the information obtained in the numerical scale, we can determine reasons behind the results. When you discuss situations and events, things such as a recession could be considered a set back for any company which this information could tell us if we could come back from it or not. Qualitative Data is information that will break down the target market. Based on this information, we can determine who is buying our products, and those who are not. We could get a better understanding of what is needed to interest everyone across the board.
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