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Academic Vocabulary

No description

Stephanie Zikopoulos

on 1 August 2016

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Transcript of Academic Vocabulary

Step 1: Provide a description, explanation or example of the new term.
Direct example
Current Events
Your own mental images
Video or computer images
Step 6: Involve students periodically in games that allow them to play with terms
1000 $ Pyramid
Marzano's Six-Step Process
Academic Vocabulary
Step 2: Ask students to restate the example, description, or description in their own words
Do not allow them to copy
Create original work
Step 3: Ask students to construct a picture, symbol, or graphic representation of the term
Challenge students to...
Believe they can draw
Share ideas of images
Understand the power of pictures
"Building Academic Vocabulary" by Marzano & Pickering
Step 5: Periodically ask students to discuss the terms with one another
Think Pair Share
Comparing their descriptions
Describing their pictures
Step 4: Engage students periodically in activities that help them add to their knowledge of the terms
Comparing Terms
Classify Terms
Write/Solve Analogies
Create Metaphors
What is the need for a vocabulary program?
"Teaching specific terms in a specific way is probably the strongest action a teacher can take to ensure that students have the academic background knowledge they need to understand the content they will encounter in school" pg1

"Peoples knowledge of any topic is encapsulated in the terms they know that are relevant to the topic." pg2
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