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Peace Rally in Denver

...Not exactly what I was expecting

seth markus

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of Peace Rally in Denver

Denver Rhetor Assignment By Seth Markus What rhetorical event did I analyse? I went to a peace rally at the Denver Capitol Building Why this event? Two reasons: I am an INTS student I believe killing is mean What I expected from this event: What I saw: What makes this a rhetorical event? I asked one individual why he stand outside with signs and he told me that they are just looking to influence votes Because the few senior citizens are looking to sway opinion in the Denver community on the war, this rally is a rhetorical event So what! What is the significance of this event? Since 100% of the protestors were senior citizens whom all belong to a religious group (which is how they are organized), not a diverse group against US involvment in Iraq and Afganistan, shows that getting out of the Middle-East is not of the upmost importance to the Denver Community. The End!
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