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Office Space

No description

Danny Abdow

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Office Space

Innovation Rooms
Office Etiquette
What is Etiquette?
Etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group.
Why Etiquette?

To create a positive and productive work environment and to identify key behaviors considered important for keeping a successful workplace environment.
Office Etiquette
Be Patient
The Workplace Environment
Excellence Starts Here
To engineer the world's best vehicles it takes the world's best employees
Telephone Etiquette
Cubicle Etiquette
Break Room Etiquette
Adjusting to the Renovated Workplace
Treat others the way you would like to be treated
Take loud/long conversations away from the cube area
Take your mobile device with you when you leave your desk. Consider your neighbors who may be stuck listening to your ring tone at max volume
Utilize headsets when conferencing at your cubicle
For extended texting conversations consider putting your mobile device on silent or vibrate
Be considerate of those around you; consume aromatic foods in one of the break rooms or cafeteria
For instant messaging conversations consider muting notification sound effects
Trash can be smelly and attract bugs. Put food waste / wrappers in the designated communal trash bins which are emptied daily
Be considerate of co-workers who are immersed in their work. Headphones or ear buds may indicate an individual would not like to be disturbed
Keep hallway conversations to a minimum
To avoid startling your co-workers, consider announcing your presence when entering their cubicle
Clean up any mess your food creates within the microwave and refrigerator
Do not rinse food down the drain as this causes plumbing issues
Consider labeling and dating your food
Do not leave food/drink in the refrigerator for extended periods of time, be sure to remove perishable foods by their expiration date
Clean up any mess your food creates at break room tables
Follow coffee station protocol (payment, refill, etc...)
Printer Etiquette
Pick up any materials you may have printed. If materials were mistakenly printed or no longer needed, collect them and dispose of them within the confidential bins
Remember to restock the paper in the printer if it becomes empty after/during your use
Refill empty ink cartridges if discovered during your use and properly label and dispose of used cartridges
If printer is not functioning or inoperative be sure to report through the appropriate channels
This also serves to help you know how to approach various situations, whether it be interacting with a supplier, navigating to other engineering centers, or interacting with your co-workers.
Be Considerate
Take Responsibility
Set Good Examples
Suggestions for Solving Issues with Neighbors
Advice from Manager
Friendly reminders
Private Conversation
Pressing the Power button will display the confirmation below. Pressing cancel will return the touch panel to the previous page, pressing System shutdown will power down the system and disconnect any audio calls in progress.

Select the desired laptop input to route VGA or HDMI video to the projector. Audio will be routed as well from the active laptop input if connected.

Use the channel up and down buttons to change channels, or enter a channel number using the number pad. The Current Channel field will show the channel displayed. Digits entered for a new channel will appear above the number pad.

AV Touch Panel Overview

After the system completes the shut down cycle, it will return to the Start page.

Confirm Shutdown Page

Laptop Select Page
TV Tuner Page

This is the opening screen that the user will see when the touch panel comes out of standby mode. Pressing anywhere on the touch panel will start the system and allow users to make phone calls.

Start Page

Enter digits using the number pad, then press Dial to begin the call. The room phone number will appear on the top of the page. Use the volume controls on the left to adjust the incoming call volume.

Phone Page

If a user selects either Laptops or the Tuner input and the projector is not already powered on, the user will see the following message while the projector warms up. Audio calls can be made without having to power on the projector to save lamp life.

Display Startup

Volume Bar: Use to adjust volume for sources in the room, or press the Home button to return to this main screen.

Status Bar: Shows audio call status and outbound audio status.

Home Page

Action Bar: Use to Select Desired Function(s)

The projector is ready once the green lamp stops flashing
AV input adapters provided for multiple devices
All devices located along center of table for easy access - no messy wires!
Light indicates that microphone is active

TV Control Panel

Large conference rooms can accommodate up to four laptop inputs. This screen is used to effortlessly toggle between laptops used to present.

Use this screen to select TV a channel
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