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OBM4 Week 10

Chapter 16: Motivation

Lilian Völker

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of OBM4 Week 10

Chapter 16 OBM4 Week 10: Motivation What is Motivation? Early Theories of Motivation Contemporary Theories of Motivation Reinforcement Theory Process Maslow's hierarchy of needs
McGregor's theories X and Y,
Hertzberg's two-factor theory and
McClelland's three needs theory Goal-Setting Theory
Reinforcement Theory
Job Design Theory
Equity Theory
Expectancy Theory and
High Involvement Work Practices Reinforcers: consequences that immediately follow behavior Person's efforts Energized Directed Sustained Goal Persistence So... No Satisfaction Dissatisfaction No Dissatisfaction Satisfaction ≠ ≠ Positive behavior Reinforcer More frequent positive behavior Negative behavior Ignore
(NOT punishment) Less frequent negative behavior Expectancy Theory Individual Effort will lead to... Individual Performance Effort-Performance linkage will lead to... Organizational Rewards will lead to... Performance-reward linkage Individual Goals Attractiveness of reward (Victor Vroom) Current Issues in Motivation Motivating in Tough Economic Circumstances Managing Cross-Cultural Motivational Challenges Motivating Unique Groups of Workers Pay-For-Performance programs Any Questions?
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