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Ivan Oder's Life

Sose Project

Reuel Chua

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of Ivan Oder's Life

The Life Of Ivan Oder T
Born in 1785 In Spalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom I was put into an orphanage straight after I was born. My family was never known to me I probably had some brothers, but I never did know about them I was always told my mother was a poor miller's wife. I was transported to New Holland in 1806 on Sirius At first they condemned me to death for stealing a piano But lucky for me, they decided to send me to New Holland for 7 years I was trialled at Westlode Street in 1805
I was a carpenter by trade So I thought they would rather make me help than kill me When we reached New Holland there were alot of strange things Unclothed monkey-like people Giant long-tailed hares (They started poking us with sticks, so we killed all of them) Hairy Pigs animals mixed together I believe that New Holland will be a great and strong nation After it is more developed and the monkey-people are eradicated This Is My Life I died in 1827 I got speared when I was making a church with the others A rogue drunk aboriginal decided to go on a killing spree he speared 5 of us before he was shot in the head by a guard. A person that makes and repair broken objects and structures This is me and the strangest of them all... black and animal-like They did not have churches or religion They were not like the slaves from Africa but like primitive monkeys that problem will be fixed by eradicating them (I do not think they like churches) I got married in 1802 and had a child in 1803 I do not think I will go back to England my child would have forgotten me and my wife would have remarried
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