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No description

Amanda Ferguson

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of GameStop

How to

the Competition Smart Solutions We specialize in:

Strategic Alliance Management

Implementing New Organizational Structures

Creative Marketing Solutions

Prioritizing Capital Budgeting Projects. Video Game Industry Drivers of Change

Buyer's Preferences

Technological Advancement

Economic Conditions

Competitive Rivalry What it takes to succeed

Creative Marketing

Technological Innovation

Ability to appeal to a broad demographic GameStop About Us

Amanda, Mark "Randy", Trey, Shauna, Ding, Stephen, Alberto

Providing consultation services since 2000.

We are results driven.

Our continued success is a direct result of how we enable our clientele to build a bigger, stronger future. Current Performance

- Experiencing a maturity growth phase
-Growth rate for past two years is between 3-4%
-COGS is 73.21%
-Gross Profit is 26.79%
-Operating Income is 7%

-Provides many benefits for employees
-Currently a functional organizational structure for efficiency. Current Strategy

Broad Product/Market focus

Become the hybrid company that will meet the needs of gamers who play games in physical and digital formats.

Core Activities include:
-Customer Service
-Distribution Current Capabilities

Ability to be customer focused

Ability to provide inventory in a timely and efficient manner

Potential ability to lead the industry in innovative technology Areas of Improvement

Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Creating Innovative Technology Our Strategy

Acquire GameFly

Merge GameFly and Spawn Labs Technology

Create an Integrative Marketing plan

Create strategic alliances with the consoles.

Convert from a functional structure to a matrix structure.

Invest in new technologies such as cloud gaming and smart phone gaming.

Retail stores will be focused on gaming consoles and accessories. Urgency for Change

Based on performance, their change is anticipatory.

Due to rapid environmental change (between 5-10 years), it is imperative to change quickly in order to preserve our competitive advantage.

Become Proactive Implementation

-Startup Costs
-Continued Costs

-Additional Revenue
-Good, Bad, Real Projections

-Action Plan
-Milestones Industry Characteristics

Volatile due to emerging technology such as:
-Digital Download
-Online Streaming
-Mobile Gaming
-Smart Phones

-By Age
-By Gender Goals

- 8% increase in revenue for the next 3 years.
- 9% & 11% for years 4 & 5

Existing GameStop customer base to use multiple distribution channels.
-12.5% within the first 2 years.

Existing GameFly customer base (426,000 subcribers)
-35% within the first 2 years.

-Full transition from a functional to a matrix within 3 years.

Training and Development
-Provide standards and cross training for all employees of all business of GameStop within 2-3 years. Clientele Includes

24 Hour Fitness
BioWorld Merchandising
Whispering Winds
Blockbuster Provided by Entertainment Software Assc. Provided by Entertainment Software Assc.
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