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First Day of School

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of First Day of School

8th grade Language Arts: Crash Introduction
Objective: The students will determine and analyze standards and goals that can be used in Mrs. O'Hara's class in order to learn how to be successful in English during the 2017-18 school year.
Let us begin...
Mrs. O'Hara's mini bio

-I'm originally from Southern MD.
-I attended Archbishop Neale and St. Mary's Ryken HS.
-I graduated from Frostburg State University with a BA in English Literature and Secondary Ed. Teacher Certification
-I'm in graduate school at Bowie State University and will FINALLY graduate in May!!
-This is my seventh year in the classroom,
-In terms of sports, I enjoy golf, walking, and watching the Nats and Ravens.
-I enjoy shopping and hanging out with my husband in my free time.
-I'm got married in July of 2015 and don't have any kids yet.
Wait, there's more....
I don't feel compelled to issue you an A.

I do not accept "I forgot," "I got distracted," and "I got busy" over and over again.

I do give zeroes for missing work and low grades for low quality work.

I, more or less, leave grades as they are at the end of the quarter.

I won't take sole responsibility for your academic readiness for high school.

SO, in short, I will make you earn your grade and success. I will help every step of the way, but I won't hand it to you.

You might not believe me yet. You might think everything will just work out like it may have in years past. Let me open your eyes to what it's really like to be in 8th grade.
Treat your teacher and classmates with respect.
Speak kindly to them, keep your hands and feet off of them, hand things to them instead of throwing them. listen SILENTLY when they speak, allow them to hear what's going on in class, and leave their personal property (unless they gave you permission to use it) alone.

If you want to successfully complete this class with a good grade, you need to know and meet the expectations I have for you:
Treat God and Christ with the utmost respect.
Catholic identity is a big focus for ADW this year. Let's act like it. Live is His likeness.
Give this class your full attention for 100 minutes per day.
You can't possibly be doing your work or participating in discussion and activities if your staring out the window or doing math homework. Even if you think you can do both, I don't want you.
Leave all things edible and drinkable elsewhere
Its a distraction to others and messy. This is Mrs. Morelli's room, not mine. We are certainly going to leave it the way we found it.

Be on time, use the restroom one at a time, and ask to use the restroom.
I start class at 8:10. That's when you and all of your materials need to be ready to start. You are not making trips back to your locker after this week. As for using the restroom one at a time and with permission; it's just a courtesy.

Participate and do your best in here.
If you're trying your best and cooperating in class, I am highly likely to help that final grade at the end of the year (the one that goes on your transcript) be an A instead of a B, a B instead of a C, etc.
-novel studies
-HSPT prep
When you're following my expectations this year, our class will cover:
We/you will read these stories and learn concepts and skills in a variety of ways. You'll read and work independently, in small groups/pairs, and as a whole class.
Tests are always independent. Final copies of essays should be uploaded to the Portal.
1. Warm ups and wrap ups: You'll do one of each every day in your notebook. You will hang on to it after the warm up so you'll have it for the wrap up and other work. I always discuss the warm up, so be quiet so that can be done quickly. Please write enough to answer the question; give more than a one word answer.

2. Classwork will happen daily. If I say an assignment is due at the end of class, I will get it before the end of class. If I say an assignment is due next class, I will get it next class. No work=missing assignment sheet. 3 missing assingment sheets=detention.

3. You will complete quizzes and tests silently or take a zero. I expect you to be silent and allow others to work until everyone is finished. You can't talk after you finish a Scantron test, right? The same goes in here!
Day-to Day Procedures for completing these assignments
1. I'll ask you nicely to fix your behavior/lack of work ONE time

2. If you continue to ignore my requests or slow my class down, Ill call home and be very honest about your work and/or conduct. If it's a conduct issue, I will say you are at risk for detention.

3. If you still don't get it and are still being non-compliant, I'll call home and/or write you a detention.
Consequences for not meeting
Three reasons:
1. It enables us to actually get things done.
I won't teach while you treat other things and people like they matter more than your education. Unless there is a personal or family emergency going on, nothing else really matters while you are in school.

2. I created them, and I successfully completed 8th grade in a Catholic school without phone calls home and detentions over conduct or missing work Why not learn from someone who had success at your stage of life?

3. Meeting my expectations can influence your grades and high school recommendations. If you work and behave to the best of your ability, you are more likely to get a B instead of a C. You alre also more likely to have me say positive things about you on high school applications and when I speak to your parents.
Why should you meet these expectations, you ask?
Don't believe me? Check your grades on Redikker/Plusportals every Sunday evening.
4. I check work for detailed accuracy at the end of every unit and read everything you do, right down to the warm ups. I will give you a zero for an independent assignment if you copy from someone else. That's not you doing work, that's you stealing work! Cheating is NOT okay!!!!
Classwork-happens daily.
Homework- Reading and/or grammar homework will happen daily. Vocab and HSPT homework will happen weekly. Novel/or cumulative project homework is ongoing until the final due date.
Quizzes- You will have at least one a week, possibly more. There will be quizzes in reading, grammar, and vocab. They are not always announced.
Tests-Expect at least two major tests in reading and two in English every quarter. They can be exams, essays, or projects.
Grade Breakdown
If any assignment goes uncompleted because you didn't feel like doing it when given time in class, you will get a missing assignment sheet and one chance to make it up. As I said, I won't ask over and over again.
If you miss class, everything is/will be on the Portal. You get as many days as you were out to make up the work.

If you are going on vacation, you need to take your books and stay on top of work via email. I don't always have everything copied or uploaded days ahead of time, so I won't do extra work to keep you caught up while you are relaxing on a vacation.
Attendance and Make-Up work
You will treat substitutes with respect.
Everything counts as a quiz grade when it is substitute work.
If you need extra help, I am happy to arrange a time to work with you Monday-Thursday. Please give me 24 hours notice if you want to work after school. I tutor younger students and do clubs after school, so you can't wait until the day of to ask if I will work with you.
My email is eohara@smsmd.org
On a separate piece of paper, use at least three sentences to tell me:

1. Your name and nickname
2. Your birthday
3. One interesting fact about you
4. Something interesting about the person next to you.
5. What you want to achieve in Language Arts this year.

A binder with five sections:
1 warm ups and closings
2 reading notes
3 reading vocabulary
4 English notes
5. Extra paper

A dark ink pen. I don't care if it's purple, dark pink, dark green, blue, or black. Just make sure you have it with you every day.

Flash Drive: Technology is not perfect, so you need to back up your work.

Books: Lit book, English book, vocab book, and novel for silent reading. Not all books will be used every day. I reserve the right to randomly give a grade for those who have their books and missing assignments to those who don't.
Materials needed every day!
Come to class prepared. You won't be going back to your locker to get work regularly. You will just get a missing assignment sheet.
1. Get last page of syllabus signed
2. Cover your hardback books
3. The Read the Giver ch 1-8; questions due 9/14
4. Vocab ch 1 due 9/11, quiz on 9/12. Two DIFFERENT vocabtest.com tests DUE 9/12
5. Have your binder with five sections by Thursday, 9/7.
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