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Healthy Behaviour Choices

Recalled Items

Arturo Leguia

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Behaviour Choices

Healthier Behaviour Choices - Recalled Items
What can I do if I own A recalled Item?
The short answer is to give careful attention to the recall, and to follow the directions in the,"if there is a recall," section. If a crib is recalled and the warning is that children should not be allowed to sleep in it until the hazard is fixed, then a safe alternative sleeping arrangement should be found. If the solution to a recall is that a small part should be kept away from young children, it's a good idea to do that.
Source - Parents.com
Shocking Facts about Recalled Items
FACT #1: Recalled products are probably sitting on store shelves right now.
FACT #2: Not all product recalls make the news.
FACT #3: The government can’t police every product.
FACT #4: Supply chains aren’t as well-controlled as you think.
FACT #5: The real product watchdog is YOU
Examples of
Products that get recalled frequently
Mattel Toys
Fisher Price Toys
Yo - Yo
Peanut Butter
Thank You for listening to our presentation!Remember, you have the power to make healthier choices!
By: Arturo, Alexander,& Nicholas.
Recalled items are a number of products potentially contaminated and may pose serious health risks to consumers. Recalled items could be anything from food to baby bottles.
Source: Parents.com
What Are Recalled Items?
Once a recall is initiated, CPSC (Customer Product Safety Comissions) will issue a press release that is distributed and then posted to its website. In addition, parents can sign up for email alerts about recalls from the CPSC and register all durable children's products with the manufacturer.
However, the CPSC is a group for the united states only. But, Canada can still get alerts from the CPSC for american products purchased in Canada. Canadians will be able to check for recalled items by using government apps and by checking/watching the news regularly.
Source: Parents.com
How do I know If an Item is Recalled?
-meaning that we pay
more attention to a product
than the manufacturer
Source: Buisnesswire.com
Youtube Video-
Surprising recall on mattel toys.
Now off to our
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