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Full Life Cycle of a Cherry Tree

No description

Chelsi Howard

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Full Life Cycle of a Cherry Tree

By Chelsi Howard
Full Life Cycle of a Cherry Tree
Stage One
Cherry seeds can be dispersed by animals
Animals eat the fruit
and drop the seed
Then the seeds make their way in the ground and start the next stage
Stage Two
Stage Three
Stage Four
Stage Five
Adult Tree
Stage Six
Seeds grow in the ground.
In the ground, when a seed starts to sprout, that's germinating
A Cherry seedling is when the germination sprout comes out of the ground
The growth of a Cherry is basically the stage in between a full tree and a seedling
This is when the Cherry tree is ready to blossom beautiful flowers
This is when a tree gets its flowers and soon after gets its fruit
Stage 6
This is when the tree gets it's fruit.
Then the fruit falls off or gets eaten and the cycle starts all over again!
Extra Information:
Cherry Trees can be used for selling the cherries on them.
Wild Cherry Trees are found in the British Isles
Cherry trees need to be exposed to cold before they can even start growing
Cherry Trees can be 15-20 years old and be 20 feet tall
Cherry Trees can heal acne and kidney problems
The End :D
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