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Accidental love.<3

We were completely opposites. I am a "popular" he's a "nerd" how did I come to love him.?

unique deavon

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Accidental love.<3

Our science teacher decided to give us a lab project. He passed around a silver bucket with everyone in the classes name in it, he told us to randomly choose a name and that person would be our lab partner. I was hoping my bestfriend and I would be together but, guess who I picked the schools geek rodney mitchelson. Just my luck. Cord'e wynn-autry
6th period
Novel Project
Accidental love by-Gary Soto Rising Action...
Rodney was nothing like I thought well, he was smart. But surprisingly he was also funny, and thoughtful, and actually cute. He wasnt like the other boys at our school he actually listened and talked. Climax...
Today makes a week since Rodney and I have had our projects and today is the day its due.But its not about the projects, its about the fact that a week ago I wouldnt even talk to him and now I think I might love him. The question was did he feel the same way.? I asked my friend Amanda to ask him and he said YES.! Falling Action...
After we presented our science project rodney pulled me to the side and asked me out. Of course I said yes.!

I never thought I'd feel like this especially about Rodney. From that day on out I never judged a person by how they looked or what people said about them.
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