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A Trip To Spain

No description

Tanika Santos

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of A Trip To Spain

A Trip To Spain
Location 1
Location 3
Final Destination
We want to see the
. We will work to make it
, a new
. This year is the first step in a
full of
. Starting this
in the
country, Spain is only the beginning.
Location 2
See You Guys I'm off to Spain!!
Honey Moon Phase
"Youth Exchange
is not a year in one's lifetime,
But a lifetime in one's year."
Soccer is the most important sport.
Location 4
Location 5
FC Barcelona's Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe
Real Madrid is the richest, most popular club in the world
It’s pretty much a religion.
That will be me!
La Tomatina uses over 150,000 tomatoes every year
San Fermín (Pamplona) is a week of street parties leading to the famous Running of the Bulls
From this
To This
Tapas are famous small dishes
Chocolate for breakfast? Sugar Rush!
Dinner is around 9pm. Way past my bedtime!
La Rambla is an area of tree lined streets full of shopping and street performances
Casa Batlló, with dragon
roofing and skeletal exterior,
is a symbol of

Spain varies in climate and culture
from skiing to surfing I will always find something new and exciting.
People don't take trips.
¿Por qué?
I'm going to SPAIN!
Spain made the first mop, and Antonio Bandereas and Enrique Iglesias
and Rafael Nadal
Spanish is the second most native spoken language.
España came from the word Ispania, meaning land of rabbits.
Nudity is technically legal in Spain.
Spain has a population of 47.27 million.
"Chupa Chups" are famed lollipops invented in Spain
Spain is the only county in Europe to grow bananas.
The national currency is the Euro
Spain highest number of bars out of all countries
in the EU.
Trips take people.
Get to know us!
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