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Afghanistan Blizzard

No description

Scooter Shooter

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Afghanistan Blizzard

Afghanistan Blizzard
BY: Ethan Weinheimer
2nd Period

The Temperature
Afghanistan's temperature has dropped to -22 Celsius otherwise known as -8 Fahrenheit which is the coldest it has been in Afghanistan 30 years!
Effect on the War
The Afghanistan Blizzard had a huge effect on the war because of the low visibility of the blizzard itself. It also meant the U.S. had to send in more troops with supplies to help Afghan citizens with their conditions.
A car covered in snow
Afghanistan citizens traveling by horse to get to the city
A car flipped over by the blizzard with it flooding out the contents inside
What is a Blizzard?
A blizzard is a dangerous winter storm that is a combination of blowing snow and wind that results in very little visibility.
U.S. base in Afghanistan covered in snow
Afghanistan's Disaster History
10 Earthquakes
2 floods
2 landslides
1 Drought
Afghan Avalanche: 2009
Salang Avalanche: 2010
Afghanistan Blizzard:2008
Afghanistan Landslide
Parents had to sell their children to get bread and coal
The blizzard hit Afghanistan's capital Kabul first
The U.S. has sent more than 130 troops to help the citizens of Kabul
Believe it or not bread and coal were the highest demanding items during the blizzard
Casualties of the Blizzard
An estimated 1337 people have died from bitter cold and frostbite
231 people have been injured
Over 1000 homes have been destroyed
Around 316,000 animals including: sheep, goats, and cattle died in the blizzard
The Public Health Ministry released that over 170,000 Afghanistan people have been diagnosed with pneumonia
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I learned from doing this project that a worldwide disaster like the Afghanistan Blizzard is classified as a disaster because of the toll that it had on the hundreds of lives in Afghanistan and the pain of the loved ones over seas.
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