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Pre-Cambrian Era

Diana Gomes & Zoe Lopez Gonzalez

Zoe Lopez Gonzalez

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Pre-Cambrian Era

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli · You'd really want to bring:
an oxygen bottle & mask
thick and warm clothes
an umbrella
strong boots
breathable clothes
swimming clothes What you'll see Floating Algae is common to see because it is what releases "free oxygen". These single-celled algae produced oxygen for 2 billion years.
Other early living organisms are microscopic bacteria(3.4 billion years ago)
First multicelled animals appeared 600 million years ago
Ediacarans are weird creatures compared to modern life forms
Annelids are segmented flatworms that breathe through their body What to bring What to do & where to go · Play with the snow. (Except Hadean Era)
· Avoid the liquid rock, boiling sulfur, and impact craters.
· Check out the simple unicellular and multicellular animal life. Diana Gomes
Zoe Lopez Gonzalez Things to know 4,500 to 543 million years ago.
Hadean Era, Archaean Era, or the Proterozoic Era.
The Panerozoic Eon is right after
A lot of lava or ice.
Animal life:ediacarans(weird creatures), annelids(flatworms)
No plants because of the weather
The Hadean Era is hot, really hot.
The Archaean or the Proterozoic Eras are cooler. Enjoy your trip!
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