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The Culture of the Middle Colonies

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Chelsea Treadway

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of The Culture of the Middle Colonies

The Culture of the Middle Colonies
What Colonies were in the Middle?
New York
New Jersey
Geography and Living
Fertile soil good for farming
Mild climate: warm summers and cool winters
They produced a lot of food like corn, wheat, and beef and pork. They also produced a variety of materials like iron ore, lumber, and furs
Religious freedom
Began as the most religiously diverse middle colony
New Jersey
Wide variety of religions
Most congregations couldn't afford church buildings so they would meet in homes or barns
The colony was founded as a safe place for Quakers
William Penn was a Quaker and promote religious tolerance
New York
Different cities included settlers of one religion
New York City was a rarity because there were over ten different religions present
Peter Minuit
Founder of Delaware
Also the leader of New York
Bought the island of Manhattan from the Native Americans for $24
William Penn
Founder of Pennsylvania
Quaker who promoted religious tolerance
Lord Berkeley and George Carteret
Co-proprietors of New Jersey
Delaware and New York
Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Proprietary: King grants land to people in America who then form colonies
Royal: Colony ruled directly by the King
New York
New Jersey
Ruled by the same governor and had the same laws as Pennsylvania
Charter of Privileges
Created by William Penn
Recognized that the King was in control of the colony
Created a local government that could carry out laws
Stated that colonists had a responsibility in selecting good men to lead and govern
New York
Started under Dutch rule and was later ruled by England
Had local government under English rule
New Jersey
Divided into East and West Jersey
East Jersey was settled by Puritans and had a strict government with bad punishments
West Jersey gave power to the people and didn't have much punishment
The Culture of the Middle Colonies
People: Variety of people of different races. They farmed and traded many resources to other parts of the world
Religion: Not dominated by a single religion. They were known for religious freedom. Diverse religions
Government: They were all democratic and had a governor, governor's court, and a court system. Their local government was a mixture of town meetings and county government
Forms groups with 2-3 people
1 iPad per group
Visit website and learn more about the cultural area you are assigned
Take some notes and get ready to share!
It's Time to Report the News!
Read over the newspapers on your table and learn how they are organized
Research your colony to get ideas about an article
Plan your article using the planning sheet
Write your article on a sheet of paper
Trade with a group member and edit each other's papers
Raise your hand for further instructions
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