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Hutu and Tutsi

What is a Hutu? What is a Tutsi?

Chris H

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Hutu and Tutsi

Jeremy Bowens, Conner Barth, Chris Hirsch Hutu and Tutsi An african tribe, that occupies the countries of Rwanda and Burundi.

Their structure is based off of a small agricultural aspect, along with a government that is ruled by petty kings, that rule over a limited area. What is a Hutu? How are the Hutu and Tutsi's determined? In the past it was determined that the difference between Hutu and Tutsi were that Hutu were people who were farmers,and Tutsi were people who herded cows.

The difference has changed.
You are a Tutsi if you own More than ten cows. You are a Hutu if you own less than ten What is a Tutsi? An african tribe in Rwanda and Burundi.
Mainly cow herders.
Their culture is vary similar to the Hutu, except for the fact that the Tutsi are usually the upper class. History The Tutsi ruled Rwanda from about the 15Th century up until 1962

1962 The Hutu ejected many of the Tutsi and took over the government (took control by force) Before and after 1957 Hutu
Before 1957 the Hutu were generally a lower class than the Tutsi, lower in stature, not as important, not as good as the Tutsi Financially. Tutsi
After 1957 the Tutsi lost power in a rebellion started by the Hutu (1962). After the rebellion the roles were flipped. Hutu began to oppress Tutsi. Rule under the Tutsi Rule under the Tutsi was vary oppressive
the Tutsi had domination over the Hutu
The Tutsi also controlled the military
basically they could do what ever Sources http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/277713/Hutu








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