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Irish Dancing

No description

Kristen Daugherty

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Irish Dancing

Irish Dance
History of Irish Dance
Irish dancing is traditional in Ireland
When did Irish dance start?
Statutes of Kilkenny
Learning Irish Dance in Ireland
Reasons to Irish dance
Around 85% of all Irish Dancers are female.
The Irish Dancing Commission
Irish Dance Lessons
When do lessons occur in Ireland?
Experienced dancers help the less experienced.
Experienced dancers often lead a dance.
Physical technique
Unknown when it started
Viking raids in 7th and 8th centuries
Viking raids ended in 1014
Feiseanna began
Passed in 1366
35 acts passed by the English in Ireland
Irish customs nearly stop
Form (Posture)
Very important
Different body parts make up good form (torso, shoulders, arms)
Upper half of body is immobile
Irish Dance Shoes
Reel shoes
Competition in the Beginning
Always part of Irish dance
Part of county fairs and markets
Put on by priests
Competition Today
In Ireland, one school fies a year
Fies- competition/festival
Dancers can take place in extra competitions
Irish dance shoes, socks
Costumes- many different colors, patterns. Often from Irish culture
Solo dresses
Team dresses
What Judges Look For
1. Strong steps
2. Covering up mistakes
3. Timing
4. Posture
5. Good first impression
6. Turnout
7. Toe point
8. Cross your whole leg
Irish Dance World Champion- Boston 2013
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