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Love and a Question by Robert Frost

Scott Smoot Julianna Coleman

Scott Smoot

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Love and a Question by Robert Frost

Finally Julianna POV Love and a Question by Robert Frost Love and a Question Scholarly Articles Article 1: TPCASTT T:
T: Point of View Scott: There are two kinds of "love" discussed in this poem. Romantic love, of the groom and his bride, and general love of mankind, which causes the groom to feel pity for the stranger. Frost shows his preference for romantic love when the groom does not give the man shelter, but still notes the importance of general love of mankind when the groom gives the stranger some bread and money and pray for him. A Stranger came to the door at eve,
And he spoke the bridegroom fair.
He bore a green-white stick in his hand,
And, for all burden, care.
He asked with the eyes more than the lips
For a shelter for the night,
And he turned and looked at the road afar
Without a window light.

The bridegroom came forth into the porch
With, ‘Let us look at the sky,
And question what of the night to be,
Stranger, you and I.’
The woodbine leaves littered the yard,
The woodbine berries were blue,
Autumn, yes, winter was in the wind;
‘Stranger, I wish I knew.’

Within, the bride in the dusk alone Bent over the open fire,Her face rose-red with the glowing coal And the thought of the heart’s desire.The bridegroom looked at the weary road, Yet saw but her within,And wished her heart in a case of gold And pinned with a silver pin.

The bridegroom thought it little to give A dole of bread, a purse,A heartfelt prayer for the poor of God, Or for the rich a curse;But whether or not a man was asked To mar the love of twoBy harboring woe in the bridal house, The bridegroom wished he knew. Affection, Confusion, Determination The newly wed bridegroom is left to decide on helping a stranger or spending time with his wife. Confusion, Unassurance, Indecisive Three Shifts----> Second Stanza to third stanza, changes from focus on stranger to focus on wife. ------> Fifth stanza bridegroom makes the decision.-------> Sixth stanza bridegroom still contemplates on his decision. Love to do right or be right is questionable. "The green- white stick" symbolize stranger jealousy of the couples purity. Autumn and winter can be associated with death." Gold and Silver" are seen as valuable and precious. "Roses and the color red" are associated with love and passion. At a time in ones' life, sacrifice will be experienced. Universal Journal
Tension between 'man and man' and ' man and woman'
Two types of love: love for wife and self-less life
Perhaps love that is self- less comes from 'God'. I picked the poem because the title stood out to me. As in the there are two types of love that is being contemplated on which is the actual right thing to do. The obstacle mainly is his wife, along with his own thoughts that make it difficult for him to make a decision. On deciding to rather spend time with his wife, Robert shows his views on relationships. "He asked with the eyes more than the lips For a shelter for the night" stood out to me because at that point I would've let him stay. All types of love are important in life, but at times decisions will have to be made and you have to do what you believe in your heart!
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