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Text Structures

Non-fiction text structures

Jessica Gibson

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Text Structures

By: Elijah Walker Non-Fiction Text Structures To comparing and contrast is to show how 2 topics are the same and/or different. Problem and solution Problem and solution is to show a problem and how it can be, or has been solved. Cause and Effect A generalization is a broad statement that's not based on fact. Principles are details that support the broad statement. Chronological Order Chronological order is putting things in sequential or numerical order. Compare and Contrast Generalization and Principle There is not a generalization thinking map. A flow map is the thinking map that uses chronological order The signal words for chronological order are: after/afterward, before, during, finally, first, following, later, meanwhile, next, not long after, second, soon, then, third, today, and when. A double bubble map is the thinking map used to compare and contrast. The signal words for comparing and contrasting are: although, as well as, as opposed to, both, but, compared with, different from, either...or, even though, however, instead of, in common, on the other hand, otherwise, similar to, similarly, still, and yet. Problem Solution There is not really a thinking map for problem and solution, but you can brainstorm the problems and possible solutions of a passage. The signal words for problem and solution are: a problem is, a solution is, the problem is solved by, problem, solution, solve, effect, hopeful, concern, challenge, and resolve. Different Same To show cause and effect is to show why something exists or is in place, to tell what happens as the result of an action or actions, and to show how one or more causes led to one or more effects. A multi-flow map is the map used for cause and effect. Cause Effect Untied shoe Trip and fall The signal words for cause and effect are: as a result of, because of, consequently, effect of, for this reason, if...then, is caused by, leads to, may be due to, so that, therefore/thus, and when...then. There is not a generalization thinking map "Everybody has a big nose" is a generalization. This is a not true, broad statement that is not based on facts, therefore, it is a generalization. That's all for now!
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