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The 75th Anniversary Celebration Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society

Attend the RSS 75th Annual Meeting: Chicago, Illinois, July 2012

Megs Selitoni

on 10 December 2011

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Transcript of The 75th Anniversary Celebration Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society

RSS 2012 Annual Meeting Grad Students Welcome Two Graduate students are elected to Council positions each year!

At the Annual Meeting, grad students make a huge contribution to sessions and make connections with professionals in their fields of study! Research Opportunities A Poster Session is held each Annual Meeting, often with great food and drink. This becomes an open forum for seasoned professors and fresh graduate students to interact with each other and the current research in the field of Rural Sociology. Over the past 73 years, the RSS has had many relevant and enthusiastic keynote speakers. In 2010, Raphael Bostic (pictured), assistant secretary for policy planning and research, HUD, spoke to the RSS members.

Other speakers have come from the USDA, the UN,various university professors and presidents, and non- profit orginaztion presidents, all focusing on Rural Sociology. Keynote Speakers Registration begins in March 2012 Step 1: Go to
www.ruralsociology.us Step 2:
Register online for the days you will be attending Step 4:
Finish by paying securely through Paypal Step 3 (optional):
Sign up to participate in a Poster Session or as a Discussion Leader Awards and Honors The RSS seeks out those who have devoted time, effort, and heart to Rural Sociology in the world around us. They are honored during the Awards Ceremony at the conclusion of each Annual Meeting. Networking Annual Meeting Attendees often enjoy receptions and banquets that allow casual conversation and networking opportunities. Old friends catch up, and new connections are made through rural sociology. REMINDER:
RSS Memebers get an Annual Meeting Registration Discount!
Register Today!
www.ruralsociology.org Please click "More" in the bottom, right hand corner, and select "Autoplay". You may also view the presentation "Fullscreen" if you wish! RSS President
for 2011-2012,
Conner Bailey
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