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Modern Man by George Carlin

No description

Elizabeth W

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Modern Man by George Carlin

Modern Man Carlin's Context Early Life Costume and Set Cultural Context Performance Baby Boomers
A Generation of the Learning People. by George Carlin Poetic Devices and Meaning Idioms Personification of Modern Society Satire “I’m a hot wired, heat-seeking, warm-hearted cool customer; Trying to make Modern Society into a single identity of The Modern Man Carlin's Career Sounds Of The Idioms
Alteration, Assonance, Repetition Evolving Style/Attitude Origins Of The Actual Words
Paradigms, Binary Rhythm Of The Phrases US air force And The Patterns Born in 1937 to a single mother Costume
Raised in 'White Harlem' Attended a progressive
Catholic school Influenced by 1960s hippy movement The idioms are not arranged by what they suggest. You feel like It is all structured to confuse the audience. you should be able to group things to make meaning but you can't. Every line has multiple connotations and contradictions. Over use of idioms. Drug use & addiction Familiar but there is no logical pattern Catholic turned atheist Comments on Modern Society and Identity Radio Presenter Comedian/Social Critic Author Trying to Personify Modern Society Meaning The poem uses satire to criticise
Modern Society’s need for an identity,
by personifying the society. The poem
is structured by the sounds (alteration and assonance and repetition) and the origins of the words (both paradigms and binaries), rather than the meaning of the idioms, which makes the poem
confusing and contradicting
suggesting that in trying to define
an identify you are actually
losing your identity. TV Personality Witnessed the commercial
prime time of television and radio Performed comedy in beatnik coffee houses 1960s 1970s 2000s Set 'Jammin' in New York' (1992) Designed by Bruce Ryan Designed by Bill Groom Designed by Bruce Ryan 'Carlin at Carnegie' (1982) 'What Am I Doing in New Jersey?'(1988) Designed by Mary Ann Bozek 'Playin' With Your Head' (1986) Set Set Set Set Design by Bruce Ryan Set Design by Bruce Ryan Set Design by Bruce Ryan Lighting Design by Greg Brunton Lighting Design by Greg Brunton Lighting Design by Greg Brunton 'Life is Worth Losing' (2005) 'Life is Worth Losing' (2005) 'Life is Worth Losing' (2005) Set Set Set Rejected 'Vegas-Style' performance 1950's 'A Prosperous era' The more we as human being's grow
and evolve, so does our technology
and way of living. Our Generation, How is it different
for us? George Carlin's Delivery Other ways to perform
or present 'The Modern Man' Changing Rhythm And Audience Musician
Constant Rhythm (Using the Binaries)
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