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Progressive Era

The brief review of progressive reform circa 1901 to 1918.

Ryann Madden

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of Progressive Era

Progressive Era “I’ve come here to write the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the labor movement.” Upton Sinclair, author and muckraker, Chicago, 1904. “We do not like to acknowledge that Americans are divided into two nations.” Jane Addams, founder of Hull-Houses and political activist. “people will act upon facts when they have them.” Shelby Harrison, director of surveys for the Russell Sage Foundation. “the promise of American life could be realized only by a national effort.” Walter Lippmann, American thinker and writer. if Muckrakers were writing today, for whom would they be writing? What made me a progressive president? Theodore Roosevelt William H. Taft T. Woodrow Wilson ? Square Deal Dollar Diplomacy Triple wall of privelege Walk softly, carry a big stick A big Buster Isolationism The WAGON WHEEL

What role did women play in the Progressive Era? Some leaders?

How did the American people stand up against old school politics

How did the presidentes stand up against old power? Who were they?

How did Americans accept/deny/adapt to the reforms fo the PE?
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