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student employer prezi

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Anthony Walsh

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of student employer prezi

Guide to Student Employment Policies at Stetson University
Hiring Student Employees

Student Eligibility
Many students,faculty, and staff may be familiar with Federal Work Study Funding. Although this funding is an important part of Student Employment at Stetson, it is only one of many funding sources. Most students will be eligible to earn funds through one of the available sources regardless of their eligibility for FWS funding.
The standard hourly wage for Stetson University Student Employees for the 13/14 year is $8.00. In order to ensure the maximum amount of opportunity for all participants most students will not be authorized to earn more than $2000.00 through student employment during each fiscal year. Students will also be limited to holding one paid student employment position at a time.
Students receiving pay through a monthly stipend that is anticipated to pay less than $2000.00 per year will be eligible to seek an additional position within the Student Employment Program to earn the remainder of their eligibility.

Hiring Paperwork
Student employees must satisfy certain federal, state, and institutional requirements before starting work each year. More detailed information about requirements is available in the supervisor's manual and in the companion presentation which can be viewed in the "getting hired" section of the web site.
Scheduling Employees
Federal regulations allow no leeway for students to be scheduled to work during times they are scheduled for class. In creating a schedule for a student employee, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to obtain and keep on file the student's course schedule for each semester. All students should approach their employment with the understanding that they will not be allowed to work during any times that appear on their official class schedule. It is also important to note that federal regulations prohibit students from working in excess of 20 hours per week.
Time Cards & Student Payroll
Documenting the hours of each student employee must be completed using the official time cards that will be provided by the Student Payroll Manager. Any time card not signed by both the student employee and the supervisor will be considered invalid. Student employees will be paid once monthly on the 15th of each month for the hours worked during the previous month. There will be an exception to this policy in December and May when student employees are paid on the 7th of the month to accommodate graduating students. All student time cards must be received by the Student Payroll Manager no later than the 5th of the month. There is no guarantee that time cards received after the 5th of the month can be processed for the payroll entry occurring on the 15th of the same month or before the next regularly scheduled payroll entry.
Monthly Reporting
It is very highly recommended that all departments develop a reliable system for tracking the earnings of their individual student employees and their overall budget. Each department is responsible for providing the funds required to pay a student for any hours they work in excess of their allocation.
Students are also encouraged to track their earnings and notify their supervisor when they have earned their full allocation.
All policies outlined in the
supervisors manual must be followed to hire a student employee. It is helpful to think of the time frame much as you would hiring a professional staff member - It may be two weeks or longer from the time you offer a student a position and the day that they're authorized to begin work.
Thank you for taking your time to review this presentation. Please note that it is only intended as a general policy overview and that you should consult the supervisor's manual for full information on a specific policy or contact the Office of Student Financial Planning.
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