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Copy of AIESEC Structure

No description

Daria Filippova

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of AIESEC Structure

you TM TM TM TM *team member TL *team leader Your project Project Project Project Project Project VPFIN VPTM VPGIPi VPER VPCOM VPGCDPi VPGIPo VPGCDPo *vice-president *Vice President of Global Community Development Program
incoming *Vice president of global internship program
incoming *Vice President of Talent Management *Vice President of Finance *Vice President of External Relations *Vice President of Communications *Vice President of Global Internship Program
outgoing *Vice President of Global Community Development Program
outgoing LCP *Local Committee President LST *Local Support team Your LC LC LC LC LC *30 LCs in 28 cities Executive Boards MC *Membership Committee MC VP GIPo MC VP GCDPo MC VP GIPi MC VP GCDPi MC VP TM MC VP COM MC VP ER MC VP OD MC VP GR *Organization Development *Government Relations MCP Russia Country Country Country Country Country Country CEE *Central East Europe WENA *Western Europ
North America IGN *Ibero America
Growth Network MENA *Middle East
North Africa AP *Asia Pacific Africa AI *AIESEC International VPAI VPAI VPAI VPAI VPAI PAI *President of AIESEC
International WORLD
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