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Dentistry- My Future Career

By Dima Mashal

Dima Mashal

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Dentistry- My Future Career

Salary Potential Employers My Future Career Dima Mashal The classes that you would need to take in Grade 11 & 12 are : While on their job these are the tasks they complete: Career Path Steps to Become a dentist: Current/Future Demand Undergraduate Education:-
- Before applying to dental school, one must complete a minimum of two years of undergraduate study.

- Students are required to major in biology, chemistry or any health related fields for their undergraduate degrees. Transferable Skills One who works as a dentist will have transferable skills such as: Dentistry High School Courses Typical Day Education Potential For Growth : After being qualified as a dentist, one can go specialize in a certain aspect of Dentistry.
However it requires to undergo training for another 2-4 years. These specialization is called post graduate. Out of all the jobs out there I'm interested in being a dentist. The reason being is because it's a high paying job with prestige and seems interesting to me. After taking some time to research this job I discovered many things about this career. Job Description A dentist's job is to do many tasks such as : -Diagnose and treating teeth or mouth tissue

- Remove decay, fill cavities, examine x-rays, straighten teeth and repair fractured teeth.

- They also provide instruction on diet, brushing, flossing, the use of fluorides and other aspects of dental care.

- The use of variety of equipment, including x-ray machines, drills and instruments such as mouth mirrors, probes and brushes.

- They wear masks, gloves and safety glasses to protect themselves and their patients from diseases that are infectious. Mouth Mirror Dental Drill Tooth Extracting Forceps Dental Probes Working Conditions Dentist work in an office/clinic, they spend most of their time in standing and using equipment with their hands.

Typically they work 10 hours a day, and 4-6 days a week, experienced dentist work fewer hours.

Most dentist own a their own businesses and work alone or with a small staff.

While on the job, they wear masks and gloves to protect themselves from diseases. Training & Qualifications In order to be qualified as a dentist, one needs to have some training and qualifications. This job requires the following: Qualifications:

- Undergraduate Education - which is to complete minimum 2 years of study to major in chemistry, biology and physiology and to receive a bachelor degree.

- After receiving the bachelor degree, it's followed by a 4 year program which leads to a doctor of dentistry degree.

- This 4 year program takes place in Dental School. Training :
- After getting your qualifications, a dentist would need to register with the General Dental Council to help train them for their job.

- Those dentists who finish their education but wish to teach or conduct research can spend an additional 2-5 years in dental training and specialty and education programs. Skills Required Happy to work as part of a team:
- Since this job consists of a wide range of people with different skills and backgrounds, one must be happy and enjoy working with others. Communication and people skills:
- Since a dentist provides dental care for people of all ages, they should be able to put people at their ease and help gain their confidence to deal with their problems and fears. Friendliness
- Dentist should be friendly rather than being silent, they should keep a casual conversation with their patients throughout the whole appointment. Patience:
- They need to stay patient with young children who are anxious and unable to stay put in a certain place for a long time. They should create fun games and activities to entertain them. Rationale:- - Problem Solving - Time management - Decision Making -Ability to Multi-task - Calmness Under Pressure - Ability to Influence Others - Willingness to Continue Learning - Communication What Type of Work is A Dentist? Dentist are health care professionals who provide preventive and restorative treatments for problems that affect other's teeth and mouth. Dental School:-
- A four year program that requires students to pass a Dental Admissions test before getting accepted in the program.

- Withing dental school, students work in the classroom, laboratory and for the last two yeas with patients.

- With a balance of the textbook education and hands-on experience, they are often ready for their licensing upon graduation. Getting Licensed:-
- After graduating from dental school, most states ( depending where you live ) require students to pass a written and practical examination before they are able to practice dentistry. One is now qualified as a dentist after this long path of knowledge Grade 11 : Grade 12 : - English
- Math
- Business Courses
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Social Studies
- Computers - English
- Algebra & Geometry
- Calculas
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Computers You would need to enter University or College depending which state you study Dentistry in. One can choose to specialize in a number of fields like: 1. Orthodontist
2. Prothodontist
3. Periodontist
4. Endodontist
5. Restorative Dentist
6. Pediatric Dental Surgeon
7. Oral Surgeon
8. Oral Physician & Radiologist
9. Preventive and Community Dentist
10. Forensic Odontologist RELATED OCCUPATIONS what's expected from a student at this age? At this age in grade 10, keeping your marks high so that you can prepare yourself for grade 11 and 12 where University and college looks at your marks. In grade 11 and 12 they require to take some specific courses needed to go into the medical field. One has to make the right decisions for the courses to take in order to get accepted into the program. In the Future? In order to become a dentist, you must be licensed in all aspects of this career. By being qualified for a license, this means that applicants must graduate from an accredited dental school and pass written and practical exams. This is the future demand for dental doctors in order to become one. The lowest a dentist can make is $99,000 annually The median a dentist can make is $171,292 annually The highest a dentist can make is $599,522 annually Also :
- Dental Assistant
- Denturist
- Dental Hygenist
- Dental Lab tech Dental offices need dentists to fulfill their employment needs. They post their hiring needs to the most targeted audience of interested dental professionals. Those who are interested will than subscribe to email alerts or job listings.
Then those job seekers will post their resumes to the dental offices that are in need of dentists. Depending on what you have on your resume, you will than be hired according to your training and qualifications. Who will hire a dentist? - remove decay from teeth and fill cavities
- examine x-rays
- extract teeth
- apply sealants to teeth
- prescribe medication
- treat gum disease by performing surgery on gums and supporting bones
- straighten teeth * Shadow an established dentist or dental specialist for clinical practice * Research dental schools and residency programs * Satisfy undergraduate requirements in physiology, biology, chemistry and organic chemistry. This usually means earning a bachelor degree. * Study for and complete the Dental Admission Test ( DAT ) * Complete 4 years of dental school and earn a DDS degree. * Start your career as an associate in an established practice or join a partnership. GOALS It will take me time to decide what type of dentist I want to be, however my primary goal is to be come a dentist before specializing. I will reach my goal by these following steps : * Completing Highschool
* Enroll in a University and study courses in Chemistry, biology and algebra.
* build a solid foundation in science. * After getting my bachelor degree in science I will apply for dental school and study there for 4 years. ( 2 years with textbooks & 2 years with hands on activity) * Graduate Dental school and be Qualified as a dentist by getting licensed for the exams I will write. * After getting my license this career path will take me 8-10 years to accomplish But in the end, by becoming a dentist this job will offer me prestige, variety and a financial reward. Thank You For Listening
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