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Apollo EDML200


stacey endres

on 16 February 2010

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Transcript of Apollo EDML200

Assignment 1
Goal: Improve intra-team communication and effectiveness.
Process: Creation of
Team wiki and blog
Meeting agenda template
Timed agenda categories for team meetings
Evaluation time for student work Essential Understanding:
"I am in charge of my own personal growth." Assignment 2
Goal: Integrate technology into team building activities for the first week of school
"It's a good thing that you are active because I'm not all that active and I went to see Harry Potter too, just like you did!"

"Hey, it might sound a little cheesy but you are a really good writer. You gave us detail and I could see pictures in my mind. I really like how you said "I got to relax and smell the roses instead of doing everything as schedule." That was like my favorite line. Good job!" Assignment 4:
Integrated Learning Goal:
Design a unit that reflects the integrated nature of knowledge and calls for students to use technology to answer significant questions about themselves and their world. fixed vs. growth
mindset neuroplasticity multiple
intelligences Myers-Briggs neural
networks data analysis TEAM WIKI Student led conferences
of their own "Learner Profile" Team APOLLO EDML200
Transforming the Middle Grades With Innovative Technologies Our Agenda
:05 Celebrations
:20 Common Planning
:20 Student Work
:20 Team Wide Concerns
:10 Team Administration
:05 Action Items/Agenda Setting How our agenda has helped:
We are able to get more done in less time.
It has kept us on track and out of "rabbit holes."
We are able to focus on items that benefit the whole team.
We all know what to expect at team meetings. How the Wiki has helped.
We can all set the agenda collaboratively.
We do not need to look at multiple emails to find out what we want to talk about.
We have one place to disseminate information.
We have a record of all our meetings and decisions. How looking at student work has helped:
We get to look critically at each other's assignments.
We get to discuss individual students and come up with ways to assist them.
Looking at individual work can help us generalize to support all students. meaningful student involvement
validate the findings
act Assignment 3
Endres - Online collaboration- help from home, set time and answer student questions on assignments: http://miltonapollo.pbworks.com/The-teacher-page
Bakr- Wiki page with links to current class topics, current events, and presentation tools to support and direct students' navigation of the internet for academic use: http://miltonapollo.pbworks.com/EndresBakr
Caswell- Use student wiki to provide formative feedback on student work. Assemble and post links to video tutorials and study guides. Use team blog to communicate assignments and other information to students and parents.
DeCicco- I use the wiki to provide students a one-stop shop for assignments, key ideas and other important information. Activity: What I did this summer...
Students were asked to post a narrative of how they spent their summer vacations to the team wiki. http://miltonapollo.pbworks.com/
This assignment had students writing, reading and commenting on each other's work through the wiki. (See sample student comments below.) Additionally, students were asked to "tag" each other's work in order to readily identify common interests and experiences.
These tags were used to create Wordles that visualized the frequency of common summer activities and interests. Activity: Ropes Course
This challenging experience gave students a chance to experience growth mindset, accomplishing tasks as a team they hadn't thought possible!
A slideshow of their day at the Ropes Course is housed on the Wiki to remind students of their progress in Team Building. http://gallery.me.com/nlri#102055

(Unanticipated) Activity: The Zz Apollo Times (Student-Ownership of the Wiki)
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